Brand Profile: Love Gucci – Read Some Interesting Facts About It.

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Brand Profile: Love Gucci – Read Some Interesting Facts About It.

Luxury fashion is not just about the money that consumers end up shelling out. No, it is a world of its own distinguished by high-class creativity, manufacturing processes, selective clientele, and uniqueness. Many luxury fashion brands have come and gone, but only those have survived the testing waters which have kept the spark in them alive. Their distinctive identity sustained by innovation and professionalism is what keeps them truly luxurious. Gucci knows this fact pretty much, and hence, it is not surprising to know that it is among the largest and the most famous fashion brands in the whole wide world.

We really don’t think much when we buy certain brands such as Gucci. We all know about its Italian roots, but it is unlikely we know what made it what it is. Most of us like the brand because the world likes it, but you should always consider knowing the background and the current status of the brand. Gucci is amazing, but what does its empire comprise of? Let us find out here.

I have 5 interesting facts about Gucci for you to know.

  1. The Logo Itself
    If you are a fan of fashion or are interested in it to some degree, you will instantly recognize the Gucci logo. In the year 1993, the said logo was designed by none other than Aldo Gucci, the son of the founder of Gucci, Guccio Giovanbattista Giacinto Dario Maria Gucci (or just Guccio Gucci). The two G’s are basically the initials of Guccio Gucci, making his name memorable and evergreen. His son knew that the brand wouldn’t be anywhere close to where it was then (and still is) had it not been for the visionary aspirations of his father. Hence, the logo was dedicated to him.
  2. Started as a luggage manufacturer
    Everything takes time so did Gucci’s empire to expand. When it was originally founded in the year 1921, the objective was to create travel goods and equestrian equipment for those in the upper echelons; mostly, leather bags, shoes, and knitwear were manufactured. However, following World War III, the brand began to spread its wings and began creating eyewear, jewelry, and watches. However, one thing remained constant: the embellishing designs that are signature to the world of Gucci.
  3. Gucci is also an adjective
    One cannot talk about luxury fashion without Gucci because it is considered an epitome of high-end fashion. Since its inception, the brand’s quality has been setting standards. When you buy Gucci, you know you are buying the right kind of ‘chic’ your wardrobe needs. So, deservingly, the brand’s name has become an adjective itself. While the exact date of the first usage is uncertain, people believe that the adjectival use of the name became popular when it was used in a 1999 edition of Harper’s Bazaar. When anything is “Gucci”, it is stylish, gorgeous, and high class. Feeling like the Queen of the World? That is a very Gucci thing to say.
  4. Remember the name: Alessandro Michele
    In the year 2015, Alessandro Michele was appointed as the creative director of Gucci. Under his directorship, the brand has witnessed surging profits and critical acclaim for its Geek-chic designs. His designs are over-the-top, but the right kind of over-the-top that you would want to wear. After all, we are talking about Gucci; to feel Gucci, you have to look Gucci.  To him, fashion without context is no fashion at all. There must be a historical context to whatever you create so you will very often find references to the past in his collections. No wonder he calls himself an art archaeologist, rather than a creative director.
  5. Record-breaking fashion indeed
    Gucci goes over-the-top, as I have already mentioned, but did you know that sometimes it just straight up breaks records. Well, read this: it produced “Genius Jeans” in the 1990s which ended up becoming the most expensive pair of jeans you would have ever worn at the time. Though the record has been broken by the face of denim, Levi’s, people still talk about the large-scale attention those jeans had attracted back in the day. If we go further back, the brand had accomplished a world record in the 1970s when it sold more than a million units in 2 years.

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