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5 Languages You Should Consider Learning for Better Academic and Career Experience


Some languages look really good on resume. These are those languages that are widely spoken, have high utility in professional and business engagements, and are understood to have a solid foundation as an effective means of communication in several countries. While you do not necessarily lag because of the lesser number of languages spoken by you, it is always an advantage to know more than one language. It shows your readiness to participate in inter-cultural engagements effectively. Moreover, polyglots have the benefit of an expanded knowledge base because they can read and learn more and from varied perspectives.

Of course, I know there are too many languages in the world that can look good on your resume. That is why I have culled the number to just five. These are considered to be the most commonly spoken and used languages in academic and professional environments across the globe.

Without much dilly-dally, here are those 5 languages you should consider learning.

  1. English
    The most obvious first choice for any person is to learn English. The popularity of English is owed to British imperialism which had much of the world under its control at one point in time. Today, most successful entertainment industries are located in the English-speaking world and are widely watched in non-English speaking countries. As a result of this, English has become an inevitable choice. Universities attract international students by offering tailored courses instructed in English. Interestingly, fluency in English is seen as a manifestation of sophistication in countries such as India. When they say that English is the language that connects the world, they couldn’t be farther from the truth.
  2. Spanish
    It is the most spoken language in the world, coming second only to Mandarin. It is also the second most commonly spoken language in the hotspot of the world, the United States of America. Just like English, the popularity of Spanish could be traced to Spanish imperialism that was more prominent in Latin America and North America. Also, Spanish is not as difficult to learn as most languages on the list. It is not just the Americas where Spanish is popular; about 15 percent of the residents of the European Union speak in it.
  3. German
    The Germanic language has gained a lot of popularity in the 21st century, and there is a good reason why such is the case. Germany is a very strong economy and is particularly known for its solid automobile industry. It is home to some of the well-known companies and universities in the world. However, it relies mostly on its native language to get work done. Those who wish to work or study here are asked to submit language proficiency proofs because German is essential to sustain in the country. English is not uncommon, but won’t be of much use. German, or Deutsch, is one of the most challenging languages to learn so you will have to study and practice a lot before you can exercise reasonable command on it.
  4. Arabic
    The Middle-East is home to some of the most high-powered economies in the world. From Qatar to UAE, you know that they are highly advanced economies where businesses from all over the world have set themselves up. Not just business, the Middle-east sees some of the biggest immigration of workers from developing countries, which means it is imperative to learn Arabic to fully understand the happenings of the region. English is not uncommon here as well, but local paperwork and communication are still very much Arabic so you should consider learning it before you come here.
  5. Chinese
    China is the second-largest economy and houses the largest population in the world. Known as the workshop of the world, it is the country from where most of the goods and services are delivered across the world in one way or the other. Some of the most thriving businesses are established in the country. So, it will not be an exaggeration to put Mandarin, colloquially the Chinese language, on the list. It is the language spoken by nearly 1.2 billion people. It is the same language that has greatly influenced languages in the neighboring countries. Though not easy to master, once you have developed a reasonable command of it you can explore all kinds of opportunities available in the country and beyond.

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