PyDev of the Week, Django 2.0 and Twilio Voices

 1 year ago
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PyDev of the Week, Django 2.0 and Twilio Voices

PyDev of the Week is a developer interview series by Mike Driscoll that asks Python programmers how they started coding, the projects they're working on and what advice they have for beginners. Mike was kind enough to interview me in the latest PyDev of the Week post.

In the PyDev interview I gave a big shoutout to the fine folks working on the Django project, which is currently beta testing the major upcoming Django 2.0 release. Django 2.0 is the first release to support only Python 3, specifically Python 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6. The Django 2.0 beta 1 release needs feedback on bugs in the issue tracker.

One bit I missed calling out in the PyDev interview is a new program I'm working on called Twilio Voices. Twilio Voices pays developers to write great technical tutorials for the Twilio blog. We have already published a slew of awesome Python walkthroughs such as:

Take a look at the Twilio Voices page and submit the interest form if you want to get paid to write code tutorials in any programming language of your choice. We'll take care of promoting your posts to the broader developer community.

As always, send me an email or submit an issue ticket on GitHub to let me know how to improve Full Stack Python as I continue to fill in the table of contents with new pages and new tutorials.

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