ReportLab and Future Community Project Launches

 2 years ago
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ReportLab and Future Community Project Launches

Congratulations to fellow Python developer Mike Driscoll for his successful ReportLab: PDF Processing with Python Kickstarter that just concluded with over double his funding goal.

I was excited to back Mike's project for a couple of reasons. First, I've used ReportLab on past projects and it is a handy library for working with PDFs. Second, it is super useful to have entire books written on niche Python code libraries such as ReportLab.

Full Stack Python will gladly back and spread the word about other awesome, legitimate Python community projects. Let me know via email ([email protected] or [email protected]) when you are getting ready to launch a Python project so I can help give a boost.

Michael Kennedy and I know from our own Kickstarter experience how much work goes into making these ideas come to fruition. It's a big confidence boost to have a community tailwind at your back and I am always happy to be part of that tailwind.

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