GitPython and New Git Tutorials

 3 years ago
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GitPython and New Git Tutorials

First Steps with GitPython is a quick tutorial that shows how to get started using the awesome GitPython library for programmatically interacting with Git repositories in your Python applications. In the spirit of the thank you maintainers issue ticket I wrote about last newsletter, I opened a quick "non-issue" ticket for the GitPython developers to thank them. Give them a thank you +1 if you've used the project and also found it useful.

The Git page on Full Stack Python has also just been updated with new resources. A few of my favorite new tutorials list on the Git page are:

I also split out the Git page resources into beginner, more advanced, specific use case and workflow sections so it's easier to parse based on whether you're a Git veteran or still up-and-coming in that area of your development skills.

Got questions or comments about Full Stack Python? Send me an email or submit an issue ticket on GitHub to let me know how to improve the site as I continue to fill in the table of contents with new pages and new tutorials.

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