How to Record a Meeting on Zoom

 5 months ago
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How to Record a Meeting on Zoom

By Sadaf Tanzeem

Published 11 hours ago

Want to record a Zoom meeting? You can do so as the host or as a participant. Here's how!

If you’re going to host an interview, whether it’s for simple research, podcast, or to publish on your channel, you need to record it for obvious reasons. The Zoom app makes it super simple to record meetings, even with the free version of the tool.

So, let’s discuss all the details you need to know about how to record a meeting on Zoom.

Create an Account on Zoom

Zoom home page to sign up for a new account

All you have to do is go to zoom.us and sign up for an account. After completing all the steps, it'll ask you to download the app. You can also download it from the links below for your device.

Download: Zoom for PC | Mac

Zoom provides optimum quality videos even with the free account, and they are all stored on your PC or Mac. If you want to store those videos on Cloud, you’ll need to buy its subscription.

Moreover, with a free account, Zoom gives you unlimited recording time for the meeting of one or two people. However, you get only 40 minutes per video if more members join in.

Before you start recording videos, you'll need to take care of a few things from the settings so that everything runs smoothly. You'll find all the options discussed below in the main Settings menu present in the top-right corner on the Home page of the app.

Main settings on Zoom

Adjust Audio Settings

Audio settings on Zoom

  1. Test mic and speaker and audio quality from here.
  2. Suppress the background noise, and make sure noise cancellation is on auto mode.

Modify Video Settings

Video settings on Zoom

You can adjust your video quality from here. Make sure you have selected the HD option. Moreover, you can also adjust for low light, touch up your appearance, or fix the Zoom camera if it's not working from here.

Fine-Tune the Recording Options

Recording settings on Zoom

This is where you can check where your meetings will be saved. You can change it if you like by entering a different location manually.

Moreover, ensure to tick these options. Select:

  1. Record a separate audio file for each participant. Especially, if you’re recording this meeting for a podcast or YouTube channel and will edit the video later on. It can help you put the volume at the same level for all participants easily.

The free tool, Auphonic can help you uniform the volume for the entire video. All you’ll need to do is upload the audio files on this platform.

  1. Optimize for 3rd party editor, so you can edit the video later on.
  2. Add a timestamp to the recording if you want to show the date and time on the final version of your video.
  3. Record video during screen sharing. If you want to show the speaker's video next to the shared screen, then tick the sub-option too.
  4. Keep temporary recording files. If Zoom ever crashes during the meeting, your half videos will be saved automatically if you’ve chosen this option.

Change Share Screen Settings

Share screen settings on Zoom

This menu gives you multiple options on how you want your windows to look while sharing screens and speaking. Moreover, you can choose what you want to share—your full desktop, only the windows you shared, automatically share the screen from the beginning, or choose sharing option manually during the meeting.

Record the Meeting With Zoom

record and view options on Zoom meeting

Finally, begin a new meeting and click on the record button displayed on your screen to record the video.

You can pause or stop the video at any time. Additionally, you can change the look of the interview from here as well. Just go to the View option displayed in the top-right corner during the meeting and select the view type:

  1. Gallery: For a side-by-side view
  2. Speaker: To show your interviewee on the full screen

If you’re scheduling a meeting for later, you can go to Advanced settings and enable the automatic record option from there. Although, it’s best practice to first ask your interviewee about recording the session.

Automatically record meetings while scheduling a meeting

Other Features to Take a Look At

To mute your audio temporarily, just click the space button on your keyboard. It helps reduce extra noise from the meeting and keeps the final cut professional. You can also use the focus mode on Zoom to keep the distractions away and focus on taking notes during Zoom meetings.

To end the recording, you can either press the stop button from the top left corner of the screen or simply end the call. Then it’ll take a few seconds to convert your video and save it on your device.

Converting the meeting

To check your recorded files:

  1. Go to the Meetings options.
  2. Click on Recording.

meetings settings to check the recorded files

It’ll display the list of all of your meetings. If you open them, you'll go to the folder where they are saved, the Play option will play them from the meeting menu itself.

After opening the folder, you’ll see three types of files: video recording, audio recording, and separate audio files for each participant by the account name they logged into Zoom with if you checked this option in the Recording menu.

Record Meetings With Zoom

Now, you can record a meeting with Zoom easily. Plus, enabling all the right settings can make it easier to edit and fix things later on and give them a more professional look.

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