4 Tips How To Improve Attention of Email Readers

 1 year ago
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Do you want to raise engagement on your digital campaigns? Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing today. Because of its effectiveness, more companies invest in gaining an edge in their email marketing campaigns.

Your marketing strategy also needs an upgrade. It’s why we’ve compiled some methods to help give your marketing for email attention. Continue below to find out what they are and how to increase your engagement.

#1 Focus on Making Personalized Content

Email marketing has one significant edge over other digital marketing forms: personalization. This is also the reason why a business email address is critical. It builds reliability and makes it easy for your customers to remember your brand name.

Aside from a customized business email address, avoid sending out generic content. Instead, create personalized content that your audiences want to see and enjoy reading.

In short, communicate with your subscribers in the way you know them. Speaking to them on a personal level creates a deeper relationship with them. It also shows that you know your subscribers more than they thought.

As a tip, try grouping your audiences to make content personalization easier. For example, if your list consists of gamers, digital artists, and cartoon enthusiasts, the three niches don’t always overlap, so try to separate the list into clusters.

Another tip is to segregate your subscribers by age. For example, Millennials and Baby Boomers have vastly different mindsets. How you write content for Baby Boomers may not click with Millennials and vice versa. This refers to implementing new types of content in your email such as a self-development podcast or an educational newsletter to make things more fun.

Use software or services that facilitate personalizing your message for each person. For example, some marketing programs can group your subscribers based on their behavior.

#2 Create Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

Your subject lines should be striking and stimulating. They should motivate the reader to open what you sent. Without it, your audiences may not even click on it and see the well-written content within.

For your subject line to get attention, you must write creatively and deeply understand your audience. It also helps to change how you write your subject lines. For example, ask a question instead of announcing something.

Adding “exclusive” and “limited” can also increase engagement. Your recipients will feel like they’re part of an exclusive group.

Below are other effective ways to write your subject lines:

  • Arouse curiosity with “shocking” subject lines.
  • Use numbers in the titles; for example, “Top 7 Secrets of Effective Dog Training.”
  • Use emojis to give off a less formal tone.

Finally, always test the subject lines before you send them out. Run it by your team or a coworker to get another perspective. Don’t forget to be open to suggestions and criticisms.

#3 Write Content As You Speak

Most businesses make the mistake of always writing in formal tones. Formal writing is the standard if you’re writing a business email. However, it won’t always apply to promotional content.

Formal structures can place a barrier between you and the audience. You want to be on the same level as the readers. Being less formal in your writing will make you seem more approachable.

Try conjugating your words more or using modern but inoffensive slang. Crack jokes and provide puns, even if they may seem corny. If you’ve got a team member with witty humor, consult them for a line or two.

To some degree, the same applies to companies in the B2B industry. However, only a slightly informal tone shift should be enough to get the message across. Injecting a sliver of humor is harmless, but overdoing it can cost you your reputation.

#4 Provide Valuable and High-Quality Content for Free

The best way to keep your recipients clicking on your emails is to provide free content. We’re not talking about any old information you’ve got lying around. We’re referring to relevant and high-quality content that your readers can use.

Another type of high-quality content is “tips and tricks” or “hacks.” It can be as simple as giving them a fun (but valuable) fact about the topic. As a note, if you’re sharing facts, make sure you double-check it with an expert first.

If your audience knows you provide unique and high-quality content, they’re more likely to read your emails. Now, you might wonder, why should I give this information for free?

When you give information for free, you show that you value audiences more than profits. It’s one of the most effective ways to deepen your relationship with your subscribers.


You can increase engagement by increasing personalization and adding relevant content. It also helps to use a writing tone that reads like you’re speaking out loud to the reader. Finally, consider switching up how you write your subject lines.

Use these techniques the next time you write another electronic mail for your email marketing campaign. The results of trying out these strategies may  surprise and please you.

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