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Reconator is a Framework for automating your process of reconnaisance without any Computing resource (Systemless Recon) at free of cost. Its Purely designed to host on Heroku which is a free cloud hosting provider. It performs the work of enumerations along with many vulnerability checks and obtains maximum information about the target domain.

It also performs various vulnerability checks like XSS, Open Redirects, SSRF, CRLF, LFI, SQLi and much more. Along with these, it performs OSINT, fuzzing, dorking, ports scanning, nuclei scan on your target.

Reconator receives all the targets needs to be reconed via a Web Interface and adds into the Queue and Notifies via Telebot on start and end of Recon on a target. So this is 100% automated and don't require any manual interaction

gear Deploy

clipboard Requirements

  • Heroku Free account (For Deploying)
  • Telegram account (For notifications)

video_camera Demo Video of Deploying

video_camera Trailer Video

closed_book Usage


path Description

(/) home Root page where you will add targets

/initialise Initialise the Database and the cronjob

/queue The targets added will be in the queue can manage targets

/scanned It contains list of all scanned targets can view results by results

/issues It has a quick link for reporting a issue and tool improvement

fire Features fire

  • Systemless Recon 100% Free
  • Fast scan and Easy to use
  • Permanent storage of Results in DB
  • Notification support via Telegram bot
  • Fully Automated Scanner
  • Easy access via Web UI
  • Queue support allows to add many targets
  • Easy Deploy Easy Recon
  • Runs 24/7 for 22 Days [Heroku - 550 hrs/month free]

memo More Features and More Recon tools will be added in next update

speech_balloon Community & Discussion

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information_source How to contribute:

If you want to contribute to this project then:

  • Submitting an issue because you have found a bug or you have any suggestion or request.
  • Submitting a feature request in this Form form

information_source Need help?

  • Take a look at the wiki section.
  • Check FAQ for commonly asked questions.
  • Ask for help in the Telegram group

handshake Helping hands handshake

You can support this work buying me a coffee:

warning Disclaimer

Usage of this program for attacking targets without consent is illegal. It is the user's responsibility to obey all applicable laws. The developer assumes no liability and is not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program. Please use responsibly.

The material contained in this repository is licensed under GNU GPLv3.

receipt License

Reconator is made with hearts by @gokulap and it is released under the GPL 3.0 License

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