Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion Coming to PC and Switch in 2022

 2 years ago
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Both versions of the expansion will launch simultaneously

Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise is getting bigger every year and that’s great since the latest installments have been very good. The Japanese developer recognizes the success the Monster Hunter series had in the last couple of years and is giving fans one more reason to be excited: another Monster Hunter game.

Well, not really a full-fledged game but an expansion to the critically-acclaimed and top-selling Monster Hunter title released on Nintendo Switch earlier this year, Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom is calling Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak “a monstrous new expansion to the esteemed series.”

We’ve also learned that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will include an all-new storyline with more new monsters, in addition to new locales, gameplay elements, quest rank, and more. Unfortunately, aside from a teaser trailer, nothing else has been revealed about the upcoming expansion, although we do know it’s set to arrive in Summer 2022 on both Nintendo Switch and PC at the same time.

That last piece of information is quite interesting since Monster Hunter Rise hasn’t been launched on PC yet. Capcom has been mum on the matter, but the Japanese developer confirmed today that the PC version will be launched in early 2022.

Until we get more details about the expansion, fans of the series can get a glimpse at the new setting that serves as a backdrop to a new monster by watching the newly released debut trailer.

Capcom confirmed that launch shipments of Monster Hunter Rise reached four million units worldwide three days after release. By late May, seven million units had been shipped. Because the game is only available on the Switch, Monster Hunter Rise’s release led to a surge in Nintendo Switch unit sales, more than doubling combined sales of both Switch and Switch Lite handheld consoles compared to prior weeks.

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