LinkedIn Outlines the Strength of its Reach and Ad Targeting Options [Infographi...

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LinkedIn Outlines the Strength of its Reach and Ad Targeting Options [Infographic]

Published Sept. 26, 2021

Andrew Hutchinson Content and Social Media Manager

LinkedIn has shared a new overview of the benefits of its platform for reaching active buyers, and how brands can use its evolving ad options to connect with the right people in the app.

In a new infographic, the LinkedIn team has shared details on its growing audience, its rising trust as a professional platform, and the benefits of connecting with members when they’re looking to find ways to be more productive and successful.

And there clearly are benefits, for the right brands, in advertising on LinkedIn. The graphic below also includes a full overview of its targeting options, and its variety of outreach tools, to help maximize your efforts.

It’s definitely worth considering – you can read LinkedIn’s full ‘Brand and Demand’ overview here.

LinkedIn ad overview infographic


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