My First Impressions on BitClout

 1 year ago
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My First Impressions on BitClout

I feel like "celebrity accounts" getting featured sort of centralizes the social influence game. If people who haven't even used the site or haven't even created an account are the most trending, then is this really decentralized? Didn't some sort of manual intervention happen for it to show up like that? Also, how are posts ranked and what details emerge regarding the ranking algorithm? There needs to be some form of transparency regarding this and #5.

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#7 Technical Suggestions

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If they are looking for a distributed or decentralized model for node distribution, I suggest they take a look at my decentralized-internet SDK. It is open source and perhaps people would be able to spin off variations of BitClout nodes off of it, just like how other cryptocurrencies have distributed node systems. It also offers P2P data transfer capabilities.

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That said, I think BitClout is quite interesting, but many things need to be answered in regards to transparency. If they do things right, maybe they can become the next big thing.

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