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 1 year ago
source link: https://dbatools.io/
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community ❤️ dbatools

jeffrey-snover-v1.jpgJeffrey Snover
PowerShell Inventor, Technical Fellow

If you use SQL, someone on the team should be a dbatools pro.

lilsteve.pngSteve Jones
MVP & SQLServerCentral.com

If you haven’t played with dbatools, I’d recommend you do so; it makes working with SQL and PowerShell much easier.

argenis.pngArgenis Fernandez
Microsoft, MCM, vExpert

I can't stress enough how good dbatools is. Stop doing it the hard way.

Nocentino_400x400.jpegAnthony Nocentino
MVP, Author, Speaker

It's impossible to quantify the impact this project has had on our community and the tech that we work with. Everyone I introduce to dbatools is blown away by how much this enables productivity and allows DBAs to scale with their systems.

joey.pngJoey D'antoni
MVP, vExpert, DCAC

dbatools is an amazing project. Tasks like server migrations that used to take me hours can now be completed in seconds, and with total confidence.

Gianluca_Sartori.jpgGianluca Sartori
Data Platform MVP, Formula 1 DBA

dbatools is the best thing that happened to SQL Server in the last 5 years.

jef.jpgJeffery Hicks
MVP, Author

If you are a SQL person you need to check out the dbatools PowerShell project.

mike.pngMike Martin
Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

If there was a thing such as MVP for MVP'S then dbatools would probably win it.

andre.pngAndré Kamman
MVP & Dutch PASS Chapter Leader

dbatools are the most important PowerShell scripts for SQL Server DBAs.

NikhilChintalapudi.jpgNikhil Chintalapudi
SQL Server DBA

Thank you for this module. It's very helpful for a someone like me trying to automate database tasks without very much PowerShell experience.

mjs.pngMichael J Swart
Data Platform MVP

This dev just used dbatools to install and migrate 50 db machines at once with little effort or errors. It's truly the easy button.

andy.jpgAndy Nakamura
SQL Saturday Speaker

I had been seriously thinking of quitting the SQL space altogether and decided to get into other things, but this has got to be a great addition to becoming a better DBA.

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