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 1 year ago
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Automate threat detection

Leverage security rules and dashboards dedicated to identifying threats based on log data generated by:

  • AWS services like CloudTrail, CloudFront, and EC2
  • Azure services like Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Defender
  • Other security tools like HashiCorp Vault, Okta, and Palo Alto Networks

Identify malicious IPs, URLs, and DNSs

Cross reference incoming logs with a variety of threat feeds to find malicious IP addresses.

  • Start with a high-level overview of users from malicious IPs
  • Investigate user activity, geography, and other data associated with each IP address
  • Separate IPs by attacker and log type to identify concentrations of suspicious activity

Investigate attacks

Start with a bird’s eye view of your system and quickly drill down into granular user data. Break down and explore attacks by:

  • Broad categories like country or severity for high-level information
  • Attack type and log type to understand the nature of most common threats
  • Specific user data to investigate those threats

Real-time alerting

Stay notified of high-priority attacks on your favorite notification system.

  • Consolidate security alerting across your cloud environment in one centralized platform
  • Use multiple trigger conditions to configure advanced alerts
  • Stay notified via slack, PagerDuty, email, and other channels

Six of Logz.io’s hundreds of rules that trigger alerts when specific logs are identified

Scheduled security reporting

Generate scheduled, automated reports of threats detected over a predefined period of time.

  • Conduct trend analysis by comparing results over time
  • Collaborate with others over threat results and analysis
  • Customize reports depending on desired insights

Your data is safe

Use a fully secure platform that adheres to strict data security rules. 
Compliant with: PCI Level 1, SOC-2 Type II, HIPAA, GDPR and ISO-27001.

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