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 5 years ago
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VaeBot - A Multi-Purpose Discord Bot


  • Full warn/mute based moderation system
  • Powerful anti-raid and anti-spam system
  • Hierarchy-based permission reasoning
  • Complete music system
  • A huge array of commands

Staff-Only Commands

;actions OR ;guild actions OR ;all actions - Output all actions that can be used in ;link

;addauto OR ;adda OR ;addtoauto - Adds a song to the music auto-playlist

;addrole - Add a role to a user

;alert OR ;dm OR ;announce - Sends a DM to everyone in the guild with a certain role

;allinfo - Get guild, role, channel and permission info in one huge set of messages

;ban OR ;banhammer OR ;permaban - Ban a user from the guild

;bans OR ;getbans - Get all banned users

;calm OR ;calmchat OR ;slow OR ;slowchat - Slows down chat speed

;changemute OR ;change OR ;setmute OR altermute - Change details of an active mute

;clear OR ;clean OR ;wipe OR ;clearchats OR ;cleanchats - Delete the last <1-1000> messages matching a [user | regex-pattern | message-type] in the channel

;clearqueue - Clears VaeBot's queue of music

;events OR ;guild events OR ;all events - Output all events that can be used in ;link

;getlinks OR ;links OR ;triggers - Output all created links

;hardkick OR ;hardeject OR ;softban - Kick a user from the guild (extra hard)

;history OR ;mutehistory - Get all users with mute history

;join OR ;summon - Make VaeBot join a voice channel

;kick OR ;eject - Kick a user from the guild

;leave OR ;exit - Make VaeBot leave it's voice channel

;link OR ;addlink OR ;trigger OR ;event - Link an event to an action

;mute OR ;mutehammer - Mute a user (in all guild channels) and add the mute to their record

;mutes OR ;usermutes OR ;history OR ;userhistory - Get the mute history of a user

;mutes OR ;muted - Get all currently muted users

;nick OR ;nickname - Set a user's nickname

;playf - Make VaeBot play some bangin' tunes... from a file :o

;remauto OR ;rema - Remove a song from the music auto-playlist

;remautorole OR ;delautorole OR aroledel - Remove an autorole

;remqueue OR ;remq - Remove a song from the music queue

;remrole OR ;removerole OR ;delrole - Remove a role from a user

;setautorole OR ;addautorole OR ;arole - Set a new autorole

;skip - Skip to the next song

;stop OR ;silence - Cancel the party, the bangin' tunes can wait for another day

;switch - Specific command

;tempban OR ;tban OR ;temporaryban OR ;timeban OR ;bantime - Temporarily ban a user from the guild

;tempbans OR ;tbans OR ;timebans OR ;timedbans - Get all temporarily banned users

;unban OR ;remban - Unban a user from the guild

;uncalm OR ;uncalmchat OR ;unslow OR ;unslowchat - Removes chat slowdown

;undomute OR ;popmute - Remove a user's last mute from their record and unmute them if they are muted

;unlink OR ;remlink OR ;dellink OR ;untrigger OR ;unevent - UnLink an event from an action

;unmute OR ;unwarn OR ;unmutehammer - Unmute a user

;warn OR ;warnhammer - Warns a user and puts the warning on their record

Public Commands

;autoplaylist OR ;ap - Output all the bangin' tunes in the auto-playlist

;autoroles - Get all autoroles (roles which users are allowed to assign to themselves)

;channels - Get all guild channels

;closeticket OR ;closesupport OR ;stopticket OR ;endticket OR ;close - Create a ticket to be viewed by Support

;cmds OR ;commands OR ;help - Output all commands

;decrypt - Decrypt text using One Time Pad

;define OR ;urban - Output the definition for a word/phrase using Urban Dictionary

;encrypt - Encrypt text using One Time Pad

;ginfo OR ;guildinfo - Get guild info

;img OR ;image - Output an image for a word/phrase using Google

;info - Get info about a user

;nowplaying OR ;np - Get info about the currently playing song

;offenses OR ;badoffenses OR ;listoffenses OR ;rules - Output the list of offenses with defined mute times

;ping - Pings a user

;play OR ;add OR ;addqueue - Make VaeBot play some bangin' tunes (or add them to the queue if the party's already started)

;playauto OR ;playa - Plays a tune already stored in the auto-playlist

;power OR ;rank OR ;rate - Are you over 9000?!

;queue - List all queued songs

;roles - Get all guild roles

;startauto OR ;startap - Start playing the auto-playlist music

;startqueue - Start playing the queued music

;syntax OR ;help OR ;cmd - Display command information

;ticket OR ;support OR ;ask OR ;addticket OR ;submitticket OR ;sendticket OR ;newticket - Create a ticket to be viewed by Support

;tickets OR ;gettickets OR ;showtickets OR ;activetickets OR ;displaytickets OR ;supporttickets - Display all open support tickets

;toggle - Toggle an autorole on the speaker

;translate - Translate a word/sentence into English

;txt OR ;text OR ;type - Echo your text with emojis

;undo OR ;pop - Remove the last song from the queue which was added by the speaker

;voteskip - Vote to skip the current song (will skip when the vote reaches 50% of the users in the voice channel)

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