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 5 years ago
source link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iagbv974GlQ
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Thank you Derek, your tutorials are so reduced to the essentials. I always wanted sth like this! They save a lot of time! Thank you very much! I did the common lisp and the emacs tutorial and will attack the clojure tutorial. Thanks to this/your tutorial I think I will use emacs more often! (after so many unfruitful attempts). Thank you for your time and effort you put into your tutorials!
These videos are great. Thank you for making them. I'ts a little tricky to get some of what you're doing to work correctly. But it's still a useful guide while I read up online about how to things in detail. Cheers.
It would be nice, if all shortcuts you are typing also printed to screen.
You responded to my comment about what editor you personally use by saying you (and a lot of commenters in this thread) use Spacemacs. I thought it was just another emacs preset package but I tried it and its really an entirely new kind of editor. It combines the best of both vim and emacs to make an editor thats twice as good as both. You should do a all-in-one video on Spacemacs.
nice tutorial. The first couple of minutes are no longer that accurate. I had to dig through stackoverflow to get it going but it's all good now. Thank you!

Love emacs, its great that you did this before doing your clojure tutorial since its basically the best programming environment for lisps (and for many other languages).

Granted I use emacs like an operating system and embed most of my programs in it.

Nice coverage of emacs, some of your videos seem to lack depth, but I really learned a lot more than other emacs tutorials from this. Have you used emacs to work on large projects? If so to you agree that emacs is much more powerful than normal IDE's? What is your preferred editor (if you were stuck on an island had to pick only one). One problem with this video is that the command window was too small to see the commands you were entering even in full screen and hi-res. Also you should have mentioned that Mac comes with emacs pre-installed and that you should delete that. I prefer the homebrew version of emacs as it stays up to date. If you install the binary then youre stuck with that version.

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Great tutorial, tnx a lot! I would only suggest you changing the title of the video to include the Clojure part, so the people searching for the Clojure/Emacs/Cider environment setup could find it.
Thanks, Derek. I found that really useful. I used emacs for a short time 20 years ago. I'm trying it out again to do some C++ development on my macbook.
Excellent video. I learned a lot. Thanks, Derek :)
Could you please do a full tutorial on Vim along with tutorials on how to install various plugins to make Vim more user friendly and for different programming environments? That would be amazing ! :)
34:10 I was able to sort outside the buffer, but not in the buffer. I selected the lines, pressed "Esc" twice and then when I typed '|' it said it was "undefined."
Good tutorial. It was really interesting and prompted me to look further into emacs

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