Getting Started with ABAP: How to Create Projection View

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June 24, 2022 3 minute read

Getting Started with ABAP: How to Create Projection View

This is the next blog post in this series. Here is the previous blog post Getting Started with ABAP: How to Create Database View Part 2

In the previous blog post, we learned how to create database view on more than one table.

In this blog post we will learn how to create projection view.

What is Projection View?

Projection view can be created on only single table. In this view only required fields are selected from a table.

Using Projection View, we can read data and maintain data of single database table.

How to create Projection View

Step 1: Go to SE11. Select view and enter the name of the view. Click on Create.


Step 2: Select Projection View and press Enter.


Step 3: Enter short description.


Step 4: As Basis table you can enter only one table name. Enter the table name.


Step 5: Click on Table Fields.

If you want to maintain data into database table through Projection View then you need to select all key fields of the table.

Here I selected 4 fields from the table.


Step 6: All selected fields will get added in projection view.


Step 7: Select Maintenance Status tab. You can see there are two options in Access.

I want to maintain table hence I selected read and change.


Step 8: Save and Activate it. Click on Contents and Execute.


Step 9: Data is present in the database will be display through projection view.


Step 10: You can add entries by clicking on Create.


Step 11: Enter data and save.


Step 12: Here you can see entry is added. You can check your database table.


Step 13: If you want to edit entries just select that entry and click on Change.


Step 14: You will be able to edit field value except key fields. Save it.


Step 15: You can check your database table whether value is changed or not.


Step 16: If you want to delete entry select that entry and right click on it. Select Delete.


Step 17: Click on Delete Entry.


Step 18: Check your database table.


Here we have created projection view. Also, we learned how to maintain data through Projection View into database table.

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