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 2 months ago
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Unite the world for Ukraine

Hi! We are JMIND, an IT company from Ukraine backed up by a team of international volunteers.
We want to support people affected by the war in Ukraine. That's why we are launching Blend – a free non-profit mobile app where people can get or provide help.
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Product Owner at JMIND

✋ Hi! I am Anastasiia, and I am from Ukraine.

The war here intensified on Feb 24, 2022, and came to our homes all over the country. As of today, thousands of people affected by the war desperately need support – with food, accommodation, medicine, clothing, transportation, etc.

We appreciate the world uniting for Ukraine and helping people in need! Our gratitude is beyond measure, and we need to continue our joint efforts! That’s why we created Blend.

Blend is a non-profit project that connects those who provide help with those who need it. The app was created by JMIND together with Ukrainian and foreign volunteers. The service is FREE.

So, let’s get into it! How can you start volunteering or getting help?

✏️ Create posts Provide a short sufficient description of your situation, location/ destination, and resources. Volunteering? Include enough details on what you can help with. Looking for help? Specify the details about your group and requests.

🔍 Find people Open the feed page. Search and filter posts by support categories and locations. Find relevant posts, verify the authors and contact the right people with the in-app messenger.

🌍 Proceed outside the app When ready, feel free to move your conversations to other messengers and meet people in real life.

🕊️ Let’s unite the world for Ukraine! To participate, install our app and start helping each other right now. Feel free to leave any comments to help us further improve the app.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Glory to the united world!

P.S. Some of us have been working on the release in between continuous air raids.

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