Dead Zebra's latest Android figurines are on sale now and ready to get to work

 1 month ago
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Dead Zebra's latest Android figurines are on sale now and ready to get to work

By Sahas Mehra Updated 7 hours ago

Bugdroids @Work, on sale until they're gone

An image of 12 boxed bugdroid figurines in a tray. The toys are dressed as workers in different occupations and are part of the '@Work' collection from studio Dead Zebra
Source: Dead Zebra
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Dead Zebra, the studio behind myriad officially-licensed and much-beloved Android vinyl mini-figurines, is now selling a new series our lives '@Work.' And as pretty much every special Dead Zebra release is a limited release, if you want them, you're going to get at them pretty fast.

On his social media, artist Andrew Bell talked about how his latest group of 12 'Android buddies' is meant to celebrate the world's diverse workforce of the world from the traditional occupations to the new wave of logging in from home. These figurines represent professions ranging from journalists and doctors to contractors and lawyers, among others. As always, they size out at about 3" tall and are designed with great attention to detail — the waiter, for example, is carrying a bottle of vintage 'APK' vino from 2008 — and have posable arms and heads.

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Source: Dead Zebra

You can check out the @Work series in full on Dead Zebra's website. Customers can purchase any single figurine or the full dozen right now for as long as supplies last (limited edition drops go lightning quick). Pricing for these special bugdroids lands at $12 apiece, but you can get the full set of 12 for the price of 11 at $132. Shipping is not included and delivery dates will be announced later on.

UPDATE: 2022/05/16 11:08 EST BY JULES WANG

On sale

We've updated this story with pricing information as sales have gone live.

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