Collection of Seamless Line Patterns for Graphic Designers

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Collection of Seamless Line Patterns for Graphic Designers

ByBrooke Arnold PublishedMay 16, 2022
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As a graphic designer, you know that line patterns can add texture and interest to your designs. Whether you’re looking to add beautiful hand-drawn texture and interest to a natural product package or pixel-perfect straight lines to the background of a tech website, a seamless line pattern is an effective way to achieve the look. But, creating them by hand can be time-consuming and painstaking.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of pre-made line patterns in vector and bitmap format available online to use in your designs, saving you tons of time!

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Line Patterns

To save you even more time hunting for them, we’ve rounded up the best seamless line patterns on the web. These line patterns are available for instant download to use in your personal and commercial projects.

We’ve got simple straight lines, hand-drawn lines, monoline art deco lines, wavy lines, and more. Who knew there were so many different styles of lines?

So next time you need a line pattern for your design, simply choose from one of the high-quality line patterns below.

100 Line Patterns

This massive collection of seamless line patterns has 100 different monoline patterns in vector and PNG format. You’ll find basic line patterns, fish scales, cubes, tiles, waves, bricks, geometrics, octagons, and tons more. Use them to create textiles or for the background texture on websites or graphic designs.

Simple Line Geometric Patterns

When you’re looking for a light and modern line pattern, try this set of 40 geometric seamless vector patterns. It comes with 40 vector EPS, AI, JPEG, and PNG files that would be beautiful for anything from textile and crafts to wedding invitations, packaging, business cards, and home decor.

Simple Line Handdrawn Seamless Patterns

If your design calls for a more natural, illustrated, hand-drawn aesthetic, turn to a set of patterns like this one. It includes 40 seamless vector patterns that will compliment your designs. It comes with AI, EPS, PNG, and JPEG files of each pattern so you can use them with any graphics program you’re working with to quickly give a lighthearted vibe to your projects.

Simple Monoline Patterns

These gorgeous monoline patterns have a very art deco aesthetic. Use them to add a timeless elegance to your designs. Easily add class to packaging, wedding invitations, and branding projects.

A key feature of this set is that it is fully editable with Adobe Illustrator. Simply change the stroke weight from the default 2pt. weight to make the patterns more delicate or heavier to fit your preference.

Stripe and Line Patterns

Get that modern, trendy hand-drawn look with this set of 30 line patterns that includes wavy lines, doodles, squiggles, and stripes, all in seamless vector patterns. Add style to everything from package design to websites to branding.

Use them in bold black and white or edit the color to match your branding or be much more subtle. The sky is the limit when it comes to editable vector files! You’ll also get 12 bonus seamless background papers. 

Minimalist Kite Line Patterns

This geometric pattern in gray and white began with the basic shape of a kite and various patterns were created from there. The download includes 5 different seamless designs with vector EPS and AI, plus SVG, PNG, and JPEG. Use it for everything from creating fabrics and textiles to background textures for your design projects. It will work anywhere you want to add a bit of visual interest.

Geometric Seamless Patterns

This big bundle of geometric seamless patterns features 30 different designs, all in lovely modern pastel shades of gray and green. You’ll get 30 vector EPS and AI files along with their JPEG and transparent PNG versions, ready to use wherever you need them or edit if you desire. This pastel collection is perfect for a home decor project, textiles, quotes, or branding.

Geometric Patterns

Now, setting a great line pattern as a background is as easy as the click of your mouse. These 20 geometric patterns can be loaded as swatches directly into Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CC — how convenient is that!? The default patterns are black on a transparent background, but you can easily change the color of the patterns if you wish. 

Geometric Line Patterns

Talk about bold! Line patterns don’t have to be thin and barely there, and this set of patterns proves it. You use line patterns to add texture and interest to your designs — and these patterns will definitely make a statement. The set comes with 5 designs in AI, EPS, SVG, JPEG, and PNG. They’re perfect for stylish textiles and modern branding packages.

Seamless Textures

When your design calls for subtle or cute hand-drawn doodles, turn to a set like this one. It comes with 24 fully editable vector line patterns and textures in AI, EPS, PNG, JPEG, and pattern swatches (PAT) for both Illustrator and Photoshop. You’ll get stripes, grids, lines, curved lines, and chevron patterns to use in all of your web or print designs. 

Lines Only Seamless Patterns

This is such a fun and edgy set! Designers, you’ll find so many uses for these patterns. From modern, trendy package designs to cute textiles and fabrics for kids, there’s no end to the different ways you can use this set of 40 hand-drawn brush and ink line patterns.

Edit colors, add texture, and scale up or down to give these patterns your own personal touch. The kit also comes with a bonus file of more than 50 brushed line elements to use however you please.

Stripe Line Patterns

If your project calls for a background with a groovy, trippy, psychedelic vibe, then check out this huge set of high-resolution PNG stripe line patterns with transparent backgrounds.

While these aren’t fully editable like the other vector files on our list, you can stack them on top of each other or on colored backgrounds to change the look. 

Lines and Grids Pattern Set

This simple set of vector patterns features a grouping of black and white lines and grids for use with any of your design projects. Use them to easily create textiles, add backgrounds to a website you’re working on, or add texture to your next print project. And since they’re vector files, you can edit them however you please. Change colors, make the lines bolder or more subtle, and more.

Straight Seamless Patterns

If you’re on the lookout for a set of seamless geometric patterns with a subtle aesthetic, look no further. This collection comes with 30 patterns in EPS, AI, JPEG, and PNG formats.

The gentle color palette makes this set perfect for background textures on print designs, like invitations, corporate identity, business cards, book covers, packaging, branding, and posters. It’s also perfect for websites and social media graphics. 

Stripes and Waves

This set has a rather bohemian, all-natural, free-spirited vibe. Rather than being strict and evenly spaced lines, these inky, hand-drawn stripes and waves are more loose and free-flowing.

These patterns are a good choice for a brand that matches that aesthetic — a yoga studio, coffee shop, art studio, handcrafted goods, vegan bakery, wellness center… you get the idea.

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Seamless Wave Line Patterns

This set of 15 seamless wave patterns is available in both light and dark patterns. They have the unique ability to create that optical illusion effect that makes it almost look like they’re moving. That’s one sure-fire way to stop the scroll! Apply this endless wave pattern wherever you want to grab someone’s attention. It’s a great choice for social media graphics, packaging, and advertising.

Simple Pattern Vectors

Zig-zags, lines, dots, and stripes, oh my!

Here’s a simple set of 10 multipurpose vector patterns to edit and use to add interest and texture to your work. They’ll work for anything from greeting cards to business cards, website backgrounds to wallpapers. That’s the power of patterns — you can use them however you want.

Topographic Maps Seamless Patterns

These unique topographic map seamless patterns are ideal for designs for adventure and travel-related brands or nature-related brands. What’s more, the patterns are fully-editable through Adobe Illustrator, so you can edit the stroke lines and dash lines, change the stroke weight to make the pattern more delicate or heavy to meet your specific needs.

In addition to the AI and EPS files, you’ll also get PSD, JPEG, PNG, and SVG files so you can use the patterns with any design program you use.

Line and Wave Patterns

If you’ve been holding out for an abstract lines pattern, we didn’t forget you! This set has 12 unique seamless abstract line and wave patterns in vector and high-res bitmap versions. You’ll find both warm and cool shades, but you can easily edit colors if you need to. Use these patterns to give your designs a bold and modern look. 

Sunset Lines Hand-Drawn Patterns

This robust set of patterns is bursting with color and creativity. You’ll love it for high-end branding projects, fashion designs, textiles, home decor, wedding invitations, printables, and packaging.

It comes with 40 all-different hand-drawn patterns in warm sunset colors (though it’s easy to edit the color to meet your needs). You’ll also get a bonus of 20 more high-res gold pattern textures to use in your designs.

Ripple Patterns

Here’s another abstract lines pattern for designers looking to add wavy, psychedelic, trippy textures to their projects. This set of three vectors is available for a free download with attribution required and other license limits, or you can join Vecteezy Pro to remove the attribution requirement and gain access to millions of resources and unlimited vector downloads from the site. 

Minimalist Line Patterns

This set of five seamless patterns includes wavy lines, dotted lines, and stripes. They come in editable vector EPS and AI as well as SVG, PNG, and JPEG formats for use in any graphics editor you’re using. The waves would be perfect for textile design, but also a great background pattern for a website or package design. They are truly so versatile.

Essential Geometric Patterns

Lines, chevrons, halftones, grids, wavy lines, dots, circles, triangles, cubes, fish scales, and geometrics galore! This set has a whopping 650 vector-based patterns — yes you read that correctly. You get 650 AI swatch files, EPS, transparent PNG, JPEG, and PAT pattern files for Photoshop.

Hundreds and hundreds of completely editable seamless patterns. Change color, stroke width, and turn the background on or off to make it transparent. Honestly, why wouldn’t you download this set?

Hand-Drawn Line Patterns

Getting that authentic hand-drawn look is trickier than it looks. But not when you can apply a pattern that someone else created — then it’s just a matter of a few mouse clicks. This set has that convincing, hand-drawn look, but they’re extremely clean when zoomed in at 100%. Use them for modern home decor, fashion, packaging, social media, flyers, invitations, and more. Change colors to give them a completely different look. 

Ornamental Seamless Patterns

This set of 10 seamless ornamental patterns has the look of modern luxury tile. They’re perfect for everything from wallpaper to websites to wrapping paper to wedding invitations. And, while the white background with gold lines is certainly a high-end look, you can edit the vector file to change the colors if your project calls for it. How about a dark pattern with gold lines instead?

Colorful Geometric Striped Patterns

This bright and colorful collection is a little bit like ’80s Pac-Man meets southwestern graphics and we’re 100% here for it! These ten patterns are available as AI, EPS, JPG, and PNG so you can use them with any graphics editor. They’re a good fit for bold designs, like branding projects, party invitations, packaging, textile design, wallpapers, wrapping papers, and much more.

Doodle Seamless Patterns

If you’re looking for seamless patterns that are a little more than just basic lines, you’ll find them in this set. Along with lines and waves, you’ll get geometric polygons, triangular lattice, zigzags, crosses, organic rounded lines, a topographic map, feathers, florals, rounded arrows, hipster arrows, and more. A total of 50 fully editable vector seamless patterns in AI, EPS, PNG, and JPG.

Minimalist Waves

Three very different but equally beautiful wave patterns make up this collection of vector seamless minimalist waves patterns. The curved lines create a sense of peaceful movement and texture that makes these patterns perfect for website backgrounds, magazine layouts, product packaging, and branding — anything that calls for a modern retro vibe is a good fit for this set.

Elegant Geometric Patterns

These elegant geometric patterns have a little bit of an art deco vibe. The gold lines and delicate pattern give it a classy, feminine, upscale look. Use it for projects with jewelry, beauty, and fashion brands to create social media graphics, website backgrounds, packaging, branding, marketing materials, posters, in-store displays, advertising, and more. The set includes 30 unique seamless patterns.

Hand Illustrated Patterns

If this set looks hand illustrated, that’s because it actually was! Aren’t you glad someone else did all the hard work? It comes with 3 patterns — straight lines, chevron, and wavy lines — with 2 variations of each, standard and reversed. You’ll get a vector EPS and a high-res single image PNG file of each pattern.

Start Using These Line Patterns Today!

Line patterns make wonderful additions to your designs — they add texture and visual interest anywhere you put them. But, if you’ve ever taken the time to create a line pattern by hand, you know how painstaking the project can be. It’s both time-consuming and meticulous work. It’s often not worth it. That’s where this list comes in! Pre-made seamless line patterns, for the win!

This roundup will save you tons of time. And, in our opinion, it’s the best collection of line patterns on the web. So next time you need a line pattern for your design, remember there’s no need to create it yourself. Just choose one of the high-quality patterns from this list instead.

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