4 NFT Collections With Price Floor Decreases of Up To 37.2% Today

 1 year ago
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Although non-fungible tokens remain popular during bearish crypto market conditions, price floors struggle to remain in place. The following four collections all saw their floors decrease by at least 20% in the past 24 hours. Although it can be potentially lucrative, catching the falling knife may be ill-advised. 

FLUF World Thingies (-37.2%)

One would almost expect the world to become tired of NFT projects trying to become the next big avatar-oriented collection. That is not necessarily the case, as profile pictures still rule the world today. FLUF World Thingies is one such collection, spanning 9.500 digital items. Although there doesn’t appear too much utility for these NFTs, the collection maintains a price floor of 0.655 ETH. That is a 37.22% decline in the past day, and the average sale price is on the cusp of dropping below 0.5 ETH. 

Monkey Bet DAO (-29.92%)

Combining an NFT collection with DAo concepts can prove interesting, assuming the team puts together a compelling package. It seems unlikely that is the case for Monkey Bet DAO, as the price floor has dropped to 0.01 ETH after another 29.92% decline in the past day. It is interesting to see how only 276 out of 10,000 NFTs are listed, yet that may not stem the bleeding.

Metroverse Genesis (-24.81%)

It has been a rough day for the Metroverse Genesis NFT collection. Digital collectibles can prove very valuable to the right crowd, although they often struggle to retain value when issued as non-fungible tokens. While these objects can have Metaverse benefits, the price floor has dropped by nearly 25% in the past day. One Metroverse Genesis NFT costs 0.4489 ETH right now, although only 28 units have sold in the past 24 hours. 

The Alien Secret Society (-20%)

Although The Alien Secret Society has been around for a while now, it remains a collectin capable of attracting interested users. It spans 9,999 unique items on the Ethereum blockchain and is another avatar/profile picture project, of which there are far too many today. The declining price floor for this collection confirms some PFP fatigue is affecting the market today. Thanks to the 20% decline, The Alien Secret Society’s price floor is now 0.04 ETH. 

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