JSON and virtual columns in SQLite

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JSON and virtual columns in SQLite

Generated columns have another great use case.

JSON data

Let’s say you decide to keep a log of events that occur in the system. There are different types of events, each with its own set of fields. For example, sign-in:

    "timestamp": "2022-05-15T09:31:00Z",
    "object": "user",
    "object_id": 11,
    "action": "login",
    "details": {
        "ip": ""

Or account deposit:

    "timestamp": "2022-05-15T09:32:00Z",
    "object": "account",
    "object_id": 12,
    "action": "deposit",
    "details": {
        "amount": "1000",
        "currency": "USD"
JSON functions

You decide to store the raw JSON, as normalization is non-trivial. You create an events table with a single value field:

select value from events;

And select events for a specific object:

  json_extract(value, '$.object') as object,
  json_extract(value, '$.action') as action
from events
where json_extract(value, '$.object_id') = 11;
│ object │ action │
│ user   │ login  │

So far, so good. But json_extract() parses the text on each call, so for hundreds of thousands of records the query is slow. What should you do?

JSON columns

Define virtual columns:

alter table events
add column object_id integer
as (json_extract(value, '$.object_id'));

alter table events
add column object text
as (json_extract(value, '$.object'));

alter table events
add column action text
as (json_extract(value, '$.action'));

Build an index:

create index events_object_id on events(object_id);

Now the query works instantly:

select object, action
from events
where object_id = 11;

Thanks to virtual columns, we almost have a NoSQL database ツ


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