Weekend poll: What were your favorite announcements at Google I/O?

 2 months ago
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Weekend poll: What were your favorite announcements at Google I/O?

By Will Sattelberg Published 3 hours ago

Is it new hardware, Android 13, or updates to all of your favorite apps?


Google I/O has come and gone, leaving us waiting impatiently for next May. This year's event was chock full of announcements, from new hardware through 2023 and beyond to updates to some of your most-used apps and services. Plus, we finally got a more in-depth look at Android 13, currently shaping up as a worthy upgrade from last year's big redesign. Only one question remains: what announcements got you the most excited?


For most people, it'll probably be the hardware. The Pixel 6a is on track for a late-July release, bringing some of the best elements of last year's Pixel 6 to an even lower price point. At $449, Google's latest Tensor-powered phone will likely be the most powerful in its class. The Pixel Buds Pro are also launching in July, complete with ANC, spatial audio support, and some fun new colors.


Meanwhile, we got our first official looks at the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, alongside the Pixel Watch, all set to arrive this fall. Google's first wearable has us pretty excited — even with plenty of questions about its performance lingering in the air — while the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro look like solid refinements to last year's smartphones.

Google didn't stop there, either. A Tensor-powered tablet is on track for a 2023 launch, and it even teased some incredibly cool AR glasses capable of live translation and live captions for the world around you. The glasses don't have a set release date just yet, but they're a fascinating vision of what's to come from the company in the next few years.

Google io 2022 glasses 1

There was no shortage of news on the software side, either. "Look and Talk" for the Nest Hub Max makes avoiding "Hey Google" easy — you just look at your smart display and speak. After several leaks, Google Wallet was finally announced, bringing all of your various cards to a digital wallet space on your phone. And Android Auto's new split-screen mode will arrive before the start of summer, showing navigation, music, and notifications all on one screen.


On the services side, Maps is getting a new immersive view in a handful of select cities, letting you explore the area like never before. AI-powered summaries are coming to Docs, perfect for anyone tired of scrolling through endless documents without some clear points. And multisearch for Google Lens is getting its first major upgrade with support for local businesses and scene exploration.

As if that wasn't enough news, Android 13 Beta 2 dropped, giving us a look at new animations, a focus on security and privacy, and a big change coming to the back gesture.

Those are just the major announcements, so it's worth looking at all of our Google I/O coverage from this week if you missed any of the news. Of course, we want to know what you think. Did Google's latest hardware lineup win over your heart? Or are you more excited about upgrades to apps and services? Select as many as you'd like in the poll below, or comment with any announcements that didn't make our list.

What were your favorite announcements at Google I/O?

Pixel 6a

Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

Pixel Watch

Pixel Buds Pro

Tensor-powered tablet

Google AR glasses tease

Android 13 details

"Look and Talk" for the Nest Hub Max

Google Wallet

Android Auto's split-screen redesign

Google Maps immersive view

Google Docs AI-powered summaries

Local multisearch for Google Lens

Something else (leave a comment)

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