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DJI’s Mini 3 Pro is now available to order from DJI’s online store and retailers worldwide. However, shipping dates vary. So when will DJI’s Mini 3 Pro be delivered to your doorstep?

North America won’t see them till the end of May and later

A controversial aspect of DJI’s Mini 3 Pro release will be when you can get one here in North America. Right now, the soonest you can get a Mini 3 will be the end of May if you order directly from DJI. The caveat is that you have to bundle the new DJI RC with the drone, or you will be waiting much longer.

If you want the basic RC-N1 controller or no controller, DJI states August 2022 as the shipping date on their website. That’s a long time to wait and would sacrifice all your summer flying time. For major third-party retailers like B&H and Adorama, they state all three options of the Mini 3 Pro will be available starting at the end of June.

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Something seems off that the Mini 3 Pro is taking so long to ship to customers, especially since we saw all the leaks that came over the past week from people who already got hands on them. Hopefully, DJI is just overly cautious, and we will see shipments much sooner.

Update: DJI’s Mini 3 Pro is now available for purchase on Amazon in the United States but not just yet in Canada. Amazon is currently only showing options for the drone bundled with the standard RC-N1 controller or the new DJI RC. For now, both show release dates of August 1 but estimated deliveries dates are already being delayed for some buyers.

Remember shipping dates don’t mean delivery

From what we can see, for those who have already ordered the Mini 3 Pro with the Fly More Kits, delivery dates look like June 9 for the kits. We could assume drone deliveries would be around the same time. So make sure not to expect your Mini 3s to start arriving before early June, as shipping might take some time and could slip further as DJI receives more orders.

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International retailers seem to have more buying options

If you live outside of North America, it looks like there are a lot of retailers with drones in the backroom on the shelf, ready to buy. However, some customers say the store’s systems wouldn’t allow purchases to be made just yet. Outside the US and Canada, Amazon seems to have the Mini 3 Pro available to buy, but some might already be saying “out of stock.”

Overall shipping dates from DJI’s store from international buyers are closer to mid- to late June, but they will vary by country. So overall, it looks like we will have to wait a little bit before seeing customers receiving their Mini 3 Pros. Although if we learned anything from the days leading up to release, retailers might not be able to wait before getting their buyers what they ordered.

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