All-in-one tool to create your digital archive of anything

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All-in-one tool to create your digital archive of anything

mysc. is a fun yet powerful tool designed to create, collect, organize and showcase miscellaneous things in daily life that we value but are hard to fit into categories defined by others.
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Have you used mysc.?
love this concept! congrats on the launch!
I designed mysc. and collect stuff
@ael_chervonaya Really appreciate the support 😁
I designed mysc. and collect stuff

Hey everyone John here, designer of mysc. I’m fairly new to Product Hunt, so I’ll try my best to make a proper debut 😂

mysc. (lower case m and with that DOT) is the brainchild of our team of 8. We have been working day and night for the past 7 months on this App. It may seem simple from a first look, but you’ll find many attention-to-detail designs if you spend a week or two with it.


❌ mysc. IS NOT a productivity tool Productivity is such a work-feeling term. We've already had tons of awesome productivity tools, but not many people are going to take advantage of them in daily life due to their work-centric design. Therefore, though inspired by many great productivity software, I still don't want to call it one. Instead, we prefer considering it as a ‘lifestyle’ tool.

✅ mysc. IS a set of functions that cater to our life beyond work It’s for our hobbies, personal projects, life moments, and random thoughts. There are so many cool things you can do in mysc., and you can read them in the App descriptions. I just want to highlight one feature that we are really proud of: 👏 Connect fragmented ideas across time Is that a brand-new idea? Or it’s something I’ve seen a long time ago? We are constantly dealing with ideas and information, and saving them somewhere is just the first step. Unlike many Apps with a dedicated search button, we try to blur the line between creating and searching by tokenizing input, finding keyword matches and compiling a list of related cards while you are typing. Not only any related info is always one tap away for referencing, but you may also discover some unexpected inspirations from previous thoughts.


✅ mysc. respects YOUR CHOICE and PRIVACY. And we believe actions speak louder than words, therefore: 👉 Login is not required for most of mysc.’s core features It’s kinda nonsense that so many Apps require you to create an account before even using it. We expect some of you may want to try it first before archiving your meme collection here. With mysc., you can use most of the core features without an account and have all the data saved on your device. ✌ You can fine-grained customize your experience Every App wants to be a social media nowadays. And I admit it, we have social elements in mysc. too. However, we want you to decide whether mysc. is an interests hub or a personal safe space. Therefore, all features that contain social elements are defaulted off, hidden from view, and can be changed at any time. Even the whole Explore tab is hidden and can be pinned to the tab bar by your choice.


❌ mysc. IS NOT a prototype/side-project but a product from a serious startup. Therefore, I really wish to hear your criticism and suggestion to make it better. You can always reach me at @PaperThatTowel on Twitter or email us at [email protected]. If you like mysc. and want to be part of our journey to make creativity accessible for more, consider joining our discord community https://discord.gg/aVU2gkRv

Thanks for your time!

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