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An intuitive online whiteboard for real-time collaboration

Fresco is a straightforward online whiteboard that enables teams to collaborate in real-time on a variety of pre-made and custom templates. Track tasks, export data, and make meetings more productive.
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Founder of Fresco

Thanks to @kevin for hunting us!

Hey Product Hunters 👋

I’m Paul, the founder of Fresco, a new online whiteboard and task management platform. 
Fresco makes collaboration more straightforward than ever. Our intuitive whiteboard lets you work with your team in real-time, collaborating on a series of pre-made and custom templates.

Besides offering a real-time collaboration experience, Fresco boasts an internal task manager and an integrated spreadsheet to help connect your workspace. Tasks can be assigned to prioritize your next steps, and the data you create in Fresco can be exported to other platforms, so nothing gets stuck in your board. These features help optimize the collaboration process and everything that comes after.

Fresco is especially helpful for managing projects, brainstorming, facilitating meetings, virtual workshops, and journey mapping just to name a few use cases.

Created through the heart of the covid-19 pandemic, we built Fresco with an understanding of how important collaboration is for everyone. Fresco's mission is to be the most intuitive, easy-to-use online whiteboard available. We want to make it simple for users to collaborate but also to integrate Fresco into their existing workflow. Tools in isolation can only go so far, and Fresco allows you to import and export data to provide a seamless experience.

Many people’s first question about our product is, “how is it different?” The market has multiple different tools that all do a similar thing, so how are we special? For starters, our task manager and spreadsheet are 100% unique, offering value you can’t find anywhere else. We also place a high emphasis on simplicity. We want to make collaborating online and conducting virtual meetings as simple as possible, and our interface prioritizes this value. Visual collaboration should be intuitive and accessible for everyone, and Fresco makes that possible.

Some things you can expect in the near future:

📈 More templates to fuel collaboration ⚙️ More integrations to connect your workspace 💬 Comments, voting, and more 🕵️‍♀️ Screen follow & incognito mode for more exercise depth 💪 More dynamic methods of collaboration

We appreciate all of the support and feedback, Paul Van Zandt

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