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Build an NFT membership community w/ real utility & no code

An end-to-end toolkit to bring web3 membership and rewards to your fanbase, with no crypto experience required.
In minutes, anyone can mint NFTs & build a custom-branded communal home, with rich integrations that offer ongoing utility and exclusive access.
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Cofounder @ Highlight.xyz

Hey everyone! I’m Nat Emodi, cofounder. Along with our team, I’m pumped to share Highlight with you all today and get your feedback. Thanks to Chris for hunting us!

Right now it’s clear NFTs can offer a powerful model to build and reward a community, but the tools to do this are piecemeal and require a good amount of technical know-how to use and stitch together.

Highlight is the product of hundreds of conversations with mainstream creators, music artists, and brands, many of whom are excited by Web3 but remain at a distance for fear of technical complexity or fan frustration.

This is why we created Highlight. It’s an end-to-end toolkit for you to bring web3 community membership and rewards to your fanbase, with no crypto experience required. It is designed from the ground up to be the most effective on-ramp for any fanbase or subculture to meaningful web3 ownership.

With Highlight, anyone can mint NFTs that help recognize, reward, and engage your top fans. Beyond minting, we provide the tools to create a beautiful custom-branded home for your token-holders, with rich integrations that offer ongoing utility and exclusive access.

In our beta, we’ve been working with established music artists like Moon Boots, City of the Sun, Futurebirds, and more who are stoked about Highlight because it helps them launch a token-gated community with easy fan onboarding (just email + credit card), real utility & gated content, and consumer-grade tools to manage it. Within their communities, artists are sharing first listens of new music, unreleased recordings of live performances, advice to aspiring musicians, and a lot more.

We’ve designed Highlight to be easy, to be powerful, and to be fun. Launching your community, from deploying your custom smart contract to posting token-gated content or utility, takes less than 5 minutes and requires no technical knowledge.

And while accessibility has been our priority, Highlight has been carefully designed for web3, from creator-owned smart contracts to non-custodial wallets to auto-created OpenSea collections.

We have lots more in store but for now are excited to hear your questions and feedback!

PS: we've created a special free NFT today just for Product Hunters. It gives access to Highlight Club, our own community, where we share company updates, cool merch, and more. Only 2,000 available here: https://club.highlight.xyz/claim...

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