How to flash MIUI Fastboot ROM from Linux

 3 months ago
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How to flash MIUI Fastboot ROM from Linux

$ export PATH=path/to/android/sdk/platform-tools:$PATH
  • Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable and enable USB Debugging in your device's settings. Check if your device is detected.
$ adb devices
  • If device is listed, reboot to bootloader
$ adb reboot bootloader
  • Check if your device is detected by fastboot
$ fastboot devices
  • You may need to use sudo before fastboot if you get a permission denied error
  • There are two scripts for flashing the ROM:
    1. flash_all.sh - Flash ROM and erase user data
    2. flash_all_except_data_storage.sh - Flash ROM without erasing user data
  • Whichever script you decide to use, make sure that the interpreter is mentioned at the top of the script like
  • If the above line is missing, add it to the top of the script
  • Make the script executable (I've chosen flash_all.sh)
$ cd path/to/extracted/ROM/archive
$ chmod a+x ./flash_all.sh
  • Run the script
$ ./flash_all.sh
  • You may need to run sudo ./flash_all.sh if you had to use sudo with fastboot
  • Sit back and relax. The script needs no user interaction. After flashing the ROM, the script will reboot your device.
  • Reboot will take quite a bit of time. Don't panic.

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