You'll soon be able to cast from your phone to your car or Chromebook

 3 months ago
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You'll soon be able to cast from your phone to your car or Chromebook

By Jon Gilbert Published 5 hours ago

Google's also bringing casting capabilities to new partners

While it may not be the biggest announcement at Google I/O, the news that you'll soon be able to cast your phone directly to your car and Chromebook is still exciting. The ability to stream apps to your laptop was spotted in the Android 13 beta, but this looks like a smoother experience for casting video.

Casting videos from your phone directly to your car's display will let you bypass Android Auto. While we don't know many details yet, the announcement showed a phone casting a YouTube video to a car. Whether the video will work while driving or not is unknown, but it's likely it will switch to audio when moving due to the potential distraction.

You'll also be able to cast videos directly to your Chromebook from your phone or tablet, so you'll be able to switch screens without finding the video again. All this together means that you'll be able to start watching a video on your phone, continue listening while driving, then cast it to your laptop with little interruption.

list of companies with google casting

Google is also working on bringing casting capabilities to new products. The list of companies displayed at I/O included names like Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, and Vizio, so expect better integration with your Android phone across a wider range of devices soon.

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