The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 will finally get Google Assistant support this summer

 3 months ago
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 will finally get Google Assistant support this summer

By Arol Wright Published 5 hours ago

Google previewed Assistant for Wear OS 3 during the Pixel Watch's unveiling

One of the biggest takeaways from last year's Google I/O conference was Wear OS 3. The resurgence of the Android-based smartwatch platform was made possible by a close collaboration between Samsung and Google. The Galaxy Watch4 then went on to launch with Wear OS 3 rather than Tizen, in a major shift in Samsung's strategy. But the fun is not stopping there. Not only did we see the unveiling of the Pixel Watch in today's Google I/O 2022 conference, but Galaxy Watch4 users are also being treated to an exciting piece of news — the Google Assistant is (finally) coming.

The lack of Assistant support was a notable omission from the Galaxy Watch4 lineup, coming instead with only Bixby support. But Samsung has long been promising that Assistant will come to users of the smartwatch at some point. After a false alarm from Verizon that the company eventually denied, Samsung announced that the Google Assistant will finally roll out to Galaxy Watch4 users this summer. It also teased that users will be able to interact with Spotify through the Assistant, being able to change songs on the fly using only their voice.

Google Assistant WearOS 3
Source: Google

Given the company promised Assistant support "in the coming months" earlier this year, a summer rollout would fit within that description. We saw a preview of how the Assistant will look and function on Wear OS 3 during the Pixel Watch's unveiling, and it looks pretty much identical to a GIF Samsung shared of the Assistant in action on the Galaxy Watch4.

This release has been getting a little long in the tooth, but luckily, the wait will soon be over. Once it's available, you'll be able to download it over the Google Play Store.

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