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 6 months ago
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secure and anonymous temporary emails
Maildax provide temporary email which is secure and safe you can keep your temporary email as much as you like.
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Hi 👋

I'm really happy to share with you Maildax today, Maildax provide free anonymous and secure temporary email but not like the other!

Maildax gives you an email address which will never be given to anybody else. you can use this email to make your primary email address spam less or even better use it for a service which you don't like to share you email address with them.

If it's temporary how can I keep hold of it?

every maildax email have a unique key we call it (secret) this key act like a password for your temporary email, on any device you want you can access your temporary email if you have your email and it's secret. you can obtain your emails secret by clicking on the (Save) button.

is there are a limit of how many email I can have?

No! there are no limit as long as your use case won't be abuse to our and other systems you are good to go.

what about API?

as much as we'd like to make our api public, unfortunately we can't since it could easily be used to abuse other systems, we also realize it could be used to automate workflows, unit testing and much more. so please if you have a valid use case for maildax api please contact us so we can arrange a time to talk about it.

please share your thoughts about this launch we are really looking forward to hear them.

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