Hulu Cheat Sheet: Keyboard Shortcuts and Voice Assistant Commands

 1 year ago
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Hulu Cheat Sheet: Keyboard Shortcuts and Voice Assistant Commands

By Joe Keeley

Published 9 hours ago

Grab this free cheat sheet that lists all the Hulu keyboard shortcuts and voice commands for Google Assistant and Alexa.

With around 100 million subscribers, there's no questioning Hulu's popularity. It's the only place to watch some shows and movies, with subscription plans starting for as little as $5.99/month.

You can watch Hulu on pretty much any modern device imaginable, whether it's your desktop, smartphone, smart TV, or games console.

If you're a Hulu subscriber, you'll want to check out this list of shortcuts and voice commands. With these, you can navigate and control Hulu with ease. You don't need to find the controller or click through menus; simply press a few keys or speak a command and the job's done.

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is available as a downloadable PDF from our distribution partner, TradePub. You will have to complete a short form to access it for the first time only. Download the Hulu Keyboard Shortcuts and Voice Commands Cheat Sheet.

Hulu Keyboard Shortcuts and Voice Commands

KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS SHORTCUT ACTION Navigation Tab Move to the next page element Shift + Tab Move to the previous page element Enter Select page element Up/down arrow Scroll up/down Spacebar Jump to next page section Playback Tab Open player controls, then move through them Shift + Tab Move to the previous player control Enter Select button Left/right arrow Increase/decrease volume or rewind/fast-forward (context dependent) Spacebar Pause/play video Escape Enter picture-in-picture mode F Full screen mode GOOGLE ASSISTANT VOICE COMMANDS COMMAND RESULT "OK Google, play [title] on Hulu" Plays or resumes playback of the named title "OK Google, pause" Pause video "OK Google, play" Play video "OK Google, stop" Stop video "OK Google, rewind" Rewind 30 seconds "OK Google, rewind # minutes/seconds" Rewind the specified amount "OK Google, fast forward" Fast forward 30 seconds "OK Google, fast forward # minutes/seconds" Fast forward the specified amount ALEXA VOICE COMMANDS COMMAND RESULT Navigation "Alexa, open Hulu" Launch the Hulu app "Alexa, find [title/genre] on Hulu" Display search results for your query "Alexa, move up/down/right/left" Navigate in that direction "Alexa, select" Select current item Playback "Alexa, play [title/network] on Hulu" Start playback of specified item "Alexa, play next episode" Play next episode "Alexa, play next" Play next episode or "Up Next" title "Alexa, skip episode" Move to next episode "Alexa, previous" Play previous episode "Alexa, change channel to [network] on Hulu" Play specified live channel "Alexa, play" Begin playback "Alexa, pause" Pause playback "Alexa, stop" Stop playback and returns to previous page "Alexa, rewind" Rewind at first speed interval "Alexa, rewind # seconds/minutes" Rewind the specified amount "Alexa, rewind to the beginning" Start video from beginning "Alexa, fast forward" Fast forward at first speed interval "Alexa, skip forward" Fast forward by 10 seconds "Alexa, fast forward # seconds/minutes" Fast forward by specified amount Echo Show "Alexa, open Hulu" Open page to log in or sign up to Hulu "Alexa, open channels on Hulu" Open page with available live TV channels "Alexa, move up/down/right/left" Move by one specified direction "Alexa, scroll up/down/right/left" Move by three in specified direction "Alexa, select" Open selected item "Alexa, turn on/off captions" Toggle captions

You Can Watch Hulu Outside the US

Use these Hulu commands and you'll navigate the streaming app with ease. Spend less time messing around in menus and more time watching your favorite shows.

Hulu is fundamentally a US streaming service, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it outside the US. If you use a VPN, you can keep watching Hulu even when you're traveling or living abroad.

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