Marketing and Email Automation: 10 Reasons to Learn How

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Marketing and Email Automation: 10 Reasons to Learn How

Marketing automation is the use of one or more platforms or technologies to automate marketing processes. These processes can occur on any variety of channels including websites and social media pages. Email automation is also a subset of marketing automation. Marketing and email automation can make marketing processes more efficient and effective.

It is well worth the time and resources it takes to learn about your various options when it comes to marketing and email automation. If you’re on the fence about marketing and email automation keep reading. Below are ten reasons why you should learn how to incorporate marketing and email automation into your business.

1.  Gain a Better Understanding of Bottlenecks and Problem Areas

A good marketing automation platform will offer up a variety of reporting features for its users. This allows users to better understand their marketing data, and to get a holistic view of their campaigns.

The result of this is that you get a very accurate picture of the performance of your marketing campaigns. This can lead to the revealing of a lot of very important information that may not have been available to you without automation. You can then use this information to identify where teams are underperforming, where leads are bottlenecking or dropping off, and where your successes are.

2.  Improved Segmentation Processes

One size fits all marketing and email campaigns rarely work very well. If your customer base is varied, your marketing should be as well. The right automation platforms will help you to identify the best criteria to use in order to segment your audience. Even better, you can use your existing customer data to sort your audience according to the segmentation criteria you use.

Better segmentation can benefit your email campaigns in particular. When you are able to use automation to segment your lists, you can then target your audience with content and offers that are relevant to them.

3.  Less Effort on Repetitive Tasks and More Effort on Creative Tasks

Machines will never take the place of human creativity, and understanding. Actually, that’s the point of automation. It involves using machines to do rote and repetitive tasks, as well as calculations. Then, since you and your team don’t have to do these things, you can spend your time working on marketing strategy, and creating great content.

In fact, the combination of better targeting, and high-quality content can absolutely be a winner when it comes to increasing engagement and conversions. Consider adding tools like Canva, Trust My Paper, Grammarly, Grab My Essay, and Piktochart in addition to marketing automation tools.

4.  Better Use of Multi-Channel Marketing

Marketing automation is not just about online marketing. It’s about marketing across all channels online and off. For example, with the help of digital marketing, you can target your audience with emails, social media content, mailers, even in-store content using an app and beacon technology. You may even be able to find a marketing automation platform that will automated SMS messages or phone calls.

5.  More Efficient Email List Management

If you use email marketing oh, you want your subscriber lists to grow. The only problem is that the larger your list becomes, the more difficult it is to manage manually. This is another area where automation is extremely beneficial. Just think of all the stuff she must take in order to maintain a clean subscriber:

  • Creating and maintaining a list of subscribers
  • Managing the unsubscribe process
  • Validating new subscribers
  • Using CRM records to clean subscriber data
  • Segmenting the subscriber list

These are just the steps are taken to ensure the integrity of your subscriber list. There are many other steps related to subscriber engagement.

6.  Reduced-Cost of Staffing

With automation software helping you to manage your campaigns, it’s easier to work with a more streamlined marketing team. For example, if you can use automation to handle some of the lead nurturing tasks that you normally pass on to salespeople, these actions can be programmed to trigger when certain events take place.

7.  Increase Understanding of The Customer Journey

Davis Williams is a marketing team leader at Studicus. He says, “10 customers purchasing the same product could take 10 very distinct customer journeys with varying touchpoints along the way. If you run your campaigns manually, and rely on older methods of customer journey mapping, your targeted emails are going to be the result of a lot of guesswork. That’s not the case if you incorporate marketing automation.” Imagine being able to send a customer a very targeted email just to them when they completed a certain action along their journey.

8.  Increase Relevance

All marketing campaigns are created with the goal of being as relevant as possible to the target audience. Marketing automation can be used to amplify your accuracy and understanding of what your customers want at any given moment.

9.  Engage With Drip Campaigns and Autoresponders

Drip campaigns keep prospects and existing customers engaged over a long period of time with a constant stream of emails that are intended to be relevant to that audience segment. Managing a drip campaign manually is labor-intensive, and often inaccurate.

Similar can be said with autoresponders. Even with email software, auto response emails can have a generic, one-size-fits-all feel to them. By combining these with marketing automation, it may be possible to further customize and target an auto-response mail.

10.  Automate A/B Testing

A/B testing is a proven way to determine which version of an email or landing page is getting the most engagement. It’s certainly worth pursuing this testing so that you always put out a depressed version of an email or highest converting landing page.

Unfortunately, the process of setting up a manual A/B test is time-consuming and difficult. Not only can automation platforms make this process easier, but they also can be used to continually track data to measure performance.

Final Thoughts

Automation has the potential to make your email and other marketing campaigns more effective. They have the potential to help you save money, increase engagement, earn more leaves, and get more conversions. While the specific features of each automation platform vary widely, the benefits listed above are fairly common amongst most of them.choose the right automation software so that you can better engage your target audience with offers and content that meet them where they are right now.

Author Bio: Nicole D.Garrison is a content strategist, writer, and contributor at BestEssayEducation, WoWGrade and SupremeDissertations and a number of platforms for marketing specialists. She is a dedicated and experienced author who pays particular attention to quality research. At her free time, Nicole is a passionate runner and a curious beekeeper. Moreover, she runs her own blog LiveInspiredMagazine.

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