OKEx Resumes Withdrawals and Launches Mega Giveaway for Indian Market

 1 year ago
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OKEx Resumes Withdrawals and Launches Mega Giveaway for Indian Market

OKEx (www.okex.com), a world-leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, has announced a platform-wide discount and rewards program with the total rewards pool that could be estimated in millions of dollars over time.

Soon after resuming its full range of services by reopening withdrawals of all digital assets, OKEx has now announced a mega giveaway of over 2 crore for Indian market. While speaking to our team on how this has affected OKEx’s global operations, CEO, Jay Hao said,

“ These are the defining moments for a business and the kind of actions that are taken by an entity make or break the business. As part of our continued pledge to full transparency, we have always maintained 100% of reserves since its inception and continue to do so. We are pleased to be back to operating at full capacity and are grateful to our users for supporting and standing by us in these tough times. Nevertheless, we are now stronger than ever before. Our past prepared an outlook for our exciting future”

As a way of thanking customers for their loyalty, the Malta-based exchange is now launching a variety of campaigns, including the new Happy Friday giveaway with a staggering weekly distribution of 20% of its total income from futures and perpetual swap transaction fees to all users in BTC starting December. 4, 2020:

  • A one-time payment

for users who have made deposits, held tokens or traded during the period between October 16, 2020, and November 26, 2020.

OKEx will put 20% of its total income from futures and perpetual swap transaction fees over the last seven weeks into a special fund that will be distributed as a one-time payment to users based on their assets and transaction conditions.

For OKB holders, the value of their OKB (in USDT) will be doubled in the asset weight calculation process.

  • Happy Friday weekly giveaways 

Starting December 4, — and continuing every Friday thereafter — OKEx will be rewarding its loyal customer base by distributing 20% of its total income from futures and perpetual swap transaction fees to all users in BTC.

Both new and existing customers are eligible and can earn rewards in proportion to the ratio of their total effective assets and trading volume. Users who hold OKEx’s exchange ecosystem token, OKB, will get double the rewards — when calculating total effective assets, the value of OKB will be doubled when converted into USDT.

  • Fee refunds

For users whose assets exceeded 10,000 USDT before 4:00 pm UTC on November 23, OKEx will issue a commission rebate card valued between a minimum of 100 USDT and a maximum of 1,000 USDT, depending on the user’s net assets.

Fee rebates will not affect the payment calculation process for future Happy Friday events.

Bonuses and additional support for first-time crypto buyers. 

New users buying their first $100 worth of crypto assets can also benefit from an extra $80 in bonuses, as well as support from educational community groups in Telegram and OKEx Academy.

Additional details, terms and conditions  can be found here

About OKEx

A world-leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, OKEx offers the most diverse marketplace where global crypto traders, miners and institutional investors come to manage crypto assets, enhance investment opportunities and hedge risks. We provide spot and derivatives trading — including futures, perpetual swap and options — of major cryptocurrencies, offering investors flexibility in formulating their strategies to maximize gains and mitigate risks.

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