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 4 years ago
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A custom git checkout command to automatically manage a per-branch stash so you can easily switch between branches without having to either make WIP commits every time or manually stash and pop your changes.

If you often find yourself working on multiple branches and switching between them, you might be familiar with a workflow such as:

  • Do some work on branch-a
  • Not ready to commit, but need to switch to branch-b
  • git stash && git checkout branch-b
  • Do some work on branch b
  • Not ready to commit, but need to switch to branch-a
  • git stash && git checkout branch-a && git stash pop stash@{1}

If this workflow sounds familiar to you, it's where git-stashout shines!


With Scarf

scarf install git-stashout


  1. Put git-stashout somewhere in your PATH
  2. [Optional] Source git-stashout-completion to get branch completion when typing the branch name


$ git stashout <branch>

This will stash your current changes, and checkout <branch>. If <branch> had a previous stash from stashout, it will be popped off the stash list so you can resume your progress. Now you have easy task switching without needing to clean up your WIP commits!

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