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 6 years ago
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Observable has been at stage 1 in the TC-39 for over a year now. Under the circumstances we are considering standardizing Observable in the WHATWG. We believe that standardizing Observable in the WHATWG may have the following advantages:

  • Get Observable to web developers more quickly.
  • Allow for a more full-featured proposal that will address more developer pain points.
  • Address concerns raised in the TC-39 that there has not been sufficient consultation with implementers.

The goal of this thread is to gauge implementer interest in Observable. Observable can offer the following benefits to web developers:

  1. First-class objects representing composable repeated events, similar to how promises represent one-time events
  2. Ergonomic unsubscription that plays well with AbortSignal/AbortController
  3. Good integration with promises and async/await

Integrating Observable into the DOM

We propose that the "on" method on EventTarget should return an Observable.

partial interface EventTarget {
  Observable on(DOMString type, optional AddEventListenerOptions options);

[Constructor(/* details elided */)]
interface Observable {
  AbortController subscribe(Function next, optional Function complete, optional Function error);
  AbortController subscribe(Observer observer); // TODO this overload is not quite valid
  Promise<void> forEach(Function callback, optional AbortSignal signal);
  Observable takeUntil(Observable stopNotifier);
  Promise<any> first(optional AbortSignal signal);

  Observable filter(Function callback);
  Observable map(Function callback);
  // rest of Array methods
  // - Observable-returning: filter, map, slice?
  // - Promise-returning: every, find, findIndex?, includes, indexOf?, some, reduce

dictionary Observer { Function next; Function error; Function complete; };

The on method becomes a "better addEventListener", in that it returns an Observable, which has a few benefits:

// filtering and mapping:
    filter(e => e.target.matches(".foo")).
    map(e => ({x: e.clientX, y: e.clientY })).

// conversion to promises for one-time events
document.on("DOMContentLoaded").first().then(e => …);

// ergonomic unsubscription via AbortControllers
const controller = element.on("input").subscribe(e => …);

// or automatic/declarative unsubscription via the takeUntil method:
    subscribe(etc => …);

// since reduce and other terminators return promises, they also play
// well with async functions:
await element.on("mousemove").
    reduce((e, soFar) => …);

We were hoping to get a sense from the whatwg/dom community: what do you think of this? We have interest from Chrome; are other browsers interested?

If there's interest, we're happy to work on fleshing this out into a fuller proposal. What would be the next steps for that?

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