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Convert OpenAPI docs to working dynamic mock endpoints

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Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by!

Platapi comes from trying to solve a real-world problem we experience while working in full-stack development. Often APIs are not yet built, and we need to build against an API contract until the real endpoint is live. Having a tool that converts API documentation into working endpoints means:

- we get dynamic, pseudo-logical*, mock endpoints, at the press of a button, by leveraging an existing documentation process. - we save time and avoid the need to clean up the hard-coded mock data we created to start building our front ends - less "back and forth" with API contract changes, because we can easily test how a change may impact our application - we avoid escaped prod bugs by testing how our application handles different error codes, load times, and response values-- all without having to redeploy/recompile our application.

Ditch hard-coding static mock objects and let Platapi do the heavy lifting.

We're actively growing and learning, and want your feedback to help drive this product in the right direction. Tell us what you think, share your testing/development pain points, and let's make development smoother for everyone!

* Additional fun notes: - Platapi stands for "Pseudo Logical Artificial Testing API". - We use OpenAI to generate realistic data based on your OpenAPI/Swagger doc fields and descriptions. - Platapi was an idea we came up with for Hack Midwest (a big hackathon in Kansas City), and we won!

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