Hire an AI BDR, to supercharge your pipeline

 1 week ago
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Hire an AI BDR, to supercharge your pipeline

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Ava is an SDR with 10x the skills of a human appointment setter.

She Can: - Form your ICP and prospects from a database of 270M+ contacts - Warm up email addresses and sends 1000s of hyper-personalized outreach emails - Schedule meetings in your calendar

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Happy to hunt Ava by Artisan today!

Jaspar and I connected in November when he was building the product. Since then, the product has evolved and it is finally LIVE!

Congrats @jasparcj on the launch. :)

Sending thousands of personalized emails without hitting spam filters sounds like a dream, haha. Grats 🔥
big fan of integrating and building AI into products! it seems you are automating the database and email sending with AI-written emails, so automating the outreach and scheduling. You are pitching an SDR/BDR replacement and cost savings relative to hiring a human, but the true comparison is to the cost of automation and customizing the outreach, plus the cost of sourcing the contacts. As you most likely know, truly effective sales nowadays require much more than superficial target info. And I think everyone can nowadays spot AI-written emails - they all have subject lines with the overused "elevate" "revolutionize" etc.....So keen to understand metrics and results for different types of sales if you have some stats you can share.
Great tool, guys! Nowadays, AI is everywhere, so it's important to use it. AI should not replace human work; instead, collaboration is key. Good luck on your launch!

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