Table data not displayed in 'Condition Information...

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Table data not displayed in 'Condition Information' in MEK3

Hello Experts,

I have created a new access sequence for NAVS condition type and a corresponding condition table 595. 
The condition records are maintained in 595 and are visible in development system when I click on Condition Information.


I moved the changes in quality and maintained the condition records in 595. However, when I click on condition information in MEK3 screen after giving condition type, I do not see any entries for table 595. However, these entries are visible when I select the newly created key combination in MEK3 and execute.



Could you please help me understand why the records are shown in one system and not in other system when viewed in 'Condition Information' in MEK3 and how to make the condition records visible in 'Condition Information' in MEK3?

Thank you!

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