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Helping hybrid teams build stronger, more engaged cultures

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Doinfine helps companies & teams build stronger, more engaging cultures by enabling teams to create awareness around their mission, values & resources and then enabling teammates to celebrate the small wins and hold each other accountable towards the values.
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There should be more products like this to unite remote teams. Never underestimate the power of a team in a company. Congrats guys on your launch!
As a startup founder, celebrating wins is crucial to build an awesome team culture. It's especially hard to do when working full remote! Looking forward to see how Doinfine is going to tackle this issue!
@cyrille_pastour I agree 100%. The inspiration for wins came from personal experience while in a remote team for more than a year. It was so easy for small achievements to just slip by, which can make one feel unappreciated.
@herco Absolutely love how Doinfine empowers companies and teams to foster a culture of collaboration, positivity, and accountability! By emphasizing the importance of mission, values, and recognition of achievements, Doinfine is truly instrumental in creating a workplace where every individual feels valued and motivated. Keep up the fantastic work in helping organizations thrive!
Big congratulations on the launch team, best of luck today ♥️🦄
Hey guys, good luck, Could you mention what is the UVP of your product?

Hi @roza_zakaryan1, thanks for the question!

So Doinfine provides remote or hybrid teams with the tools to build a better culture.

Implementing and using the tools is still up to the team. We are working on improvements which include educating teams on how to build a better culture and we are also looking at bringing in features targeted towards managers and leaders to help guide them and help them understand what their team culture currently looks like.

But for now, we simple enable teams to build a better culture.

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