Menu to Grid Layout Animation

 4 months ago
source link: https://tympanus.net/codrops/2022/09/19/menu-to-grid-layout-animation/
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Menu to Grid Layout Animation

A simple layout animation where the thumbnails of a menu row animate to their position in a content preview grid.

By Mary Lou in Playground on September 19, 2022

From our sponsor:

Today I’d like to share a little layout animation with you. It’s inspired by the design of Sturdy’s client showcase. Initially, we have a row based menu layout which shows some thumbnails on hover. Using the GSAP’s flip plugin, we animate the row to a content preview with larger images which fly to their position in a grid.

Here’s the initial view:


When hovering, some images appear on the right side. Once we click, the thumbnails animate to form a grid and some additional grid items appear:


Here is how it all comes together:

I hope you enjoy this little animation and find it useful!

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