Web3 VCs Database

 4 months ago
source link: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/web3-vcs-database
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Web3 VCs Database

Database of 200+ web3 VCs + direct contact info

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Database of 200+ web3 VCs including direct contact info.
Discover opportunities to collaborate

Here is a database of 200+ web3 VCs that I have assembled over the months, hosted in Notion.

I've included direct contact info, which means you don't need a personal referral, as many are open to receiving your startup's pitch.

When I was raising for a previous startup, generating a database like this would have been game-changing, likely saving me months of networking.

When raising, expect to pitch 50-100 people before 1 says yes. Keep iterating your pitch and deck after each call/meeting. Use the feedback, and any rejections you get to improve and learn.

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