Laravel V5.4.28 is now released

 1 month ago
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Laravel V5.4.28 is now released


  4 years ago


The laravel team released laravel version 5.4.28 yesterday and add some new funtion like array_random() and some bugs fixed and remove role attribute from forms in stubs

The first of these is a new array_random helper that allows you do something like this

array_random(['one', 'two', 'three']);
// "two"

Or you can specify the number of random items you’d like returned:

array_random(['one', 'two', 'three'], 2);
// array:2 [▼
  0 => "one"
  1 => "three"


Another new feature is an unless method on the query builder and Collections which allows you to make your code more expressive. For example, on a Collection:

collect()->when(! true, function () {});
// is the same as:
collect()->unless(true, function () {});

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