OnePlus's next phone has a gaming-focused Ace up its sleeve

 1 month ago
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OnePlus's next phone has a gaming-focused Ace up its sleeve

By Will Sattelberg Published 33 minutes ago

It comes complete with a 120Hz VRR display


The OnePlus Ace only launched a month ago in China — alongside a rebranded model for India — but in the company's race to rival Motorola for "most phones launched in a single year," it's got another handheld ready to go. The company launched a teaser site for the OnePlus Ace Racing Edition, and it's taking its looks from another of its 2022 devices.

Noted leaker evleaks tweeted out several press images for the OnePlus Ace Racing Edition that show off a OnePlus 10 Pro-esque design offered in both black and blue colors. Gone is the two-tone look from the original Ace, replaced with a near-identical shell similar to that seen on the OnePlus 10 Pro earlier this year. It's even using the same style of camera module — though with the large LED flash ring replaced with a small 64MP branding instead. That's a higher resolution lens than the original Ace offered, though it's unclear if that'll mean better photos.


The teaser site doesn't offer much in the way of additional information, but it does confirm a handful of details about the phone. It's not switching out processors as you might expect from a model with a speed-based nickname, instead keeping the Dimensity 8100 MAX platform from the original Ace. The translated copy seems to hint at a focus on gaming here — especially with a 120Hz variable refresh rate LCD. The original phone used a 120Hz AMOLED panel, though without VRR built-in.

91mobiles has Weibo screenshots from OnePlus China CEO Li Jie highlighting the display, specifically noting some consumers wanted to stick with LCD technology over OLED. Likewise, he specifically noted the device should boost battery life, even in high-performance scenarios. We'll find out more when full details emerge at 7pm in China on May 17th.

OnePlus has been on a roll lately when it comes to launching phones — we're also expecting the Nord 2T to launch any day now. The familiar design of this latest model seems like a potential fit should the company ever launch a non-Pro "OnePlus 10," though recent leaks suggested it'll use an AMOLED display instead. One thing's for sure: if you thought OnePlus was out of phone launches for 2022, there's plenty more coming down the line.

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