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 1 year ago
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MoveZ – A New Platform That Pays You To Get Fit

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There’s no denying that getting fit has a whole host of benefits. It can improve your health, social life, and even your finances. But despite all of that, it can be tough to find the motivation to start working out.

Thankfully, there’s a new solution on the horizon called “move-to-earn.” This concept is based on the idea that you can earn rewards (usually in the form of cryptocurrency) for being active. And it’s already starting to take off, with platforms like STEPN and Sweatcoin finding success.

Now, there’s a new player in the space called MoveZ. Powered by BlueZilla, this platform is looking to resolve some of the issues faced by earlier iterations with a unique set of features. 

MoveZ’s Top Features

First off, boost zones let you participate in local social fitness events and earn boosted rewards. There are also organizational accounts, which allow workplaces, groups, and communities to set up their own subaccounts and share access to NFTs. Plus, there’s NFT lending and revenue sharing.

Further, the “burn to earn” concept lets you earn rewards (in your favorite tokens) for doing exercise. And since the system is deflationary, there will be upward pressure on price by the limiting of supply on the token. Neat.

The app also offers both competitive and relaxed options. If you’re the competitive type, you can use the local and global leaderboards to see how you stack up against other users. And if you just want to take it easy, you can still earn rewards by engaging in all types of physical activity, including jogging, running, swimming, and cycling, representing a massive improvement on the big players’ solutions. Plus, there are anti-cheat mechanisms in place to ensure that only genuine activity is rewarded.

MoveZ has blown up on socials in the past few weeks, with over 100k combined followers on its Twitter and Telegram accounts. In the coming months, we can expect to see a number of non-crypto partners integrate with the app.

Why You Should Try MoveZ

If you’re looking for a platform that pays you to get fit, MoveZ is definitely worth checking out. You’ll have a chance to participate in MoveZ’s IDO on May 24 on BSCPad, MetaVPad, GameZone, and PolyPad. Given that 60,000 people have already whitelisted for the sale, and that Bluezilla, who have launched 7 of the top 20 most successful IDOs in 2021, are incubating, this is not one to miss. 

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With its unique set of features and strong lineup of partners, MoveZ has a lot of potential. And with a market cap of just $55,000, it has a lot of room to grow.

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