SAP INSPIRE for PLM – In Focus – Process Industry

 4 months ago
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May 13, 2022 1 minute read

SAP INSPIRE for PLM – In Focus – Process Industry

Today we hosted our third day within our SAP Inspire for PLM series with a clear focus on the process industries community. We kicked the session of with a nice roadmap presentation on SAPs PLM Strategy for Process Industries. Latest innovations and way forward have been outlined along the E2E process steps from design to tech transfer or product launch.

One new main capability will be the product data foundation with the new cloud native specification management solution. With that we will be able to provide customers a nice, compelling, easy to use solution to manage all their specification/product data. And this is not only for process industries but also relevant for Discrete industries e.g. for (ECLASS). The solution is the starting point for our new digital thread in PLM on a native cloud stack. It will also be the basis which then also can be used to determine e.g. producer responsibility figures or carbon footprint insights and serves for future down stream processes. The first integration will happen with our sustainability product SAP Responsible Design and Production.


The event was driven by a great set of customer presentations who impressingly outlined how and with which benefits they use our solution suite today. Customer like DÖHLER, Agrana Fruit, Nestlé, Merck MSD, Klosterfrau, Merck Life Sciences, Maple Leaf Foods, DAW (Deutsche Anilin Werke) accompanied by Partner presentations from DSC Software AG, SiPro, Gramont and also from SAP.

Headlines like “from disruptive to an integrated tool approach” can be found all over and really hit the point how valuable our solutions are perceived.

All sessions are recorded and can be re-visited offline as well. see here: https://gateway.on24.com/wcc/eh/3658648/sap-inspire-fur-plm

Now we are excited and will look forward to register for the fourth day of the series. This time round the focus is on Project and Product Cost Management.

Stay tuned and register here: https://www.sap.com/germany/about/events/2022-04-28-online-sap-inspire-fur-plm.html

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