Vodafone kicks of EOFY early by doubling data on selected plans

 3 months ago
source link: https://ausdroid.net/2022/05/12/vodafone-kicks-of-eofy-early-by-doubling-data-on-selected-plans/
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Vodafone kicks of EOFY early by doubling data on selected plans


Among all of the Google I/O goodness this morning we’ve also received word that Vodafone is starting EOFY sales early. For users on either the $40 Lite Plan or $40 SIM Only Lite Plan, your data has been doubled. This takes the data allowance on the listed plans from 40GB per month up to 80GB which is a fair whack of data for mobile use.

The move comes at a time when interest rates are rising and the cost of living is increasing. As a consumer, it’s such a delight to see a company offering more without asking for more in return. The press release received also notes that there are a number of offers to follow soon.

This particular offer is available for both new and existing customers until the end of May. We have sought clarification on whether existing clients’ accounts will be updated automatically, or if they need to make contact with Vodafone.

A representative has confirmed that: The data allowance will not be updated for existing customers.
Existing can get the offer, but only if they upgrade their handset plan or sign up for an additional service.

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