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This is all very much a work in progress! More to come!

( We're working on it though! Stay tuned!)


  • Open an Anaconda Prompt (in Windows, or any terminal on Mac/Linux) and enter the following comands

conda create -n freemocap-env python=3.7

conda activate freemocap-env

pip install freemocap -v


import freemocap as fmc
fmc.RunMe() #this is where the magic happens.


Prerequisites -


  • A Python 3.7 environment: We recommend installing Anaconda from here (https://www.anaconda.com/products/individual#Downloads) to create your Python environment.

  • Two or more USB webcams attached to viable USB ports

    • (USB hubs typically don't work)
  • Each recording must (for now) start with an unobstructed view of a Charuco board generated with python commands (or equivalent):

     import cv2
     aruco_dict = cv2.aruco.Dictionary_get(cv2.aruco.DICT_4X4_250) #note `cv2.aruco` can be installed via `pip install opencv-contrib-python`
     board = cv2.aruco.CharucoBoard_create(7, 5, 1, .8, aruco_dict)
     charuco_board_image = board.draw((2000,2000)) #`2000` is the resolution of the resulting image. Increase this number if printing a large board (bigger is better! Esp for large spaces!

Optional If you would like to use OpenPose for body tracking, install Cude and the Windows Portable Demo of OpenPose.

Follow the GitHub Repository and/or Join the Discord (https://discord.gg/HX7MTprYsK) for updates!

Stay Tuned for more soon!

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