Samsung is killing DeX for macOS and Windows 7 pretty soon

 2 years ago
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Samsung is killing DeX for macOS and Windows 7 pretty soon

Samsung DeX is a feature on Samsung’s flagship phones that lets you extend your phone into a PC experience by connecting an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It was introduced on the Galaxy S8 series and is available on most high-end Galaxy phones and tablets. Samsung also has dedicated DeX apps for Windows and macOS, allowing users to access the DeX environment from their existing computer. If you have been a heavy user of the DeX for PC service, we have some bad news for you.

Samsung has updated its website to mention that it’s terminating support for the DeX for PC service on Windows 7 and macOS starting next year. In fact, macOS users have already started seeing a popup message in the app saying that support for DeX for macOS will end in January 2022. With the DeX for PC support going, Windows 7 and Mac users will have to use a DeX dock to mirror the DeX experience on an external monitor. Right now, all they have to do is connect their phone to their computer using a USB cable and launch the DeX service.

We’re ending support for Samsung DeX for Mac OS in January 2022. You can still use Samsung DeX if it’s already installed, but there will be no customer support or updates, and you won’t be able to download DeX for MacOS.

Samsung mentions that those who have already installed the DeX PC client can continue to use the service, but the company won’t provide any support or updates from next year. It looks like Windows 10 users aren’t affected and will continue to see further development and updates.

In February this year, Samsung added support for wireless DeX mode, allowing users to cast DeX wirelessly to a compatible TV or PC.

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