[Jprogramming] Roger Hui - 1953 - 2021

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[Jprogramming] Roger Hui

[Jprogramming] Roger Hui - 1953 - 2021

Eric Iverson eric.b.iverson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 16:14:33 UTC 2021

Roger Hui passed away peacefully on Saturday afternoon, October 16, 2021.

He had a several year struggle with cancer and was in a hospice with his
hands held by his wife Stella and their children Rachel and Nicholas.

Roger created J with Ken and made major contributions to APL. But all that
has been farthest from my mind the last 24 hours. What I think about is the
joy I saw when watching Ken and Roger together. I remember Ken telling me
how Roger asked if it would be OK to bring his girlfriend to dinner with
Ken and Jean. And how they were surprised by the coincidence that her name
was Ken's mother's name. No one was surprised by the integrity and
soundness of the family that he and Stella made.

Yes, Roger was a coder extraordinaire. But what was important is that he
was a rock solid good person. His calm and measured way in life and in his
last years should be a model to all.

(Roger would have insisted that any comments go to chat)

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