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 3 years ago
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We have a new Slack app! Starting today, you’ll be notified by Slack and AppSignal about the migration process to start using the new AppSignal-made Slack app.

The old AppSignal Slack app will be shut off the 1st of October 2019 by Slack. After which you will need the new AppSignal Slack app to receive AppSignal notifications in Slack.


Your Slack notifiers will not be automatically migrated to the new Slack app, more about that in the “Some backstory” section, but we did make it very easy for you to migrate to the new AppSignal Slack app.

Click the button below to view the Slack notifier(s) per app. The notifiers with a warning label (see screenshot below), require action from you to migrate to our new Slack app.

View your current Slack notifiers

This will start the update process for that one Slack notifier. You won’t need to change any settings, only reconfirm which Slack channel you want to post AppSignal notifications to.

Screenshot of a Slack notifier with a warning label on the configure button.

Screenshot of a Slack notifier with a warning label on the configure button.

After the Slack notifier is migrated, you can go back to the notifiers section for your apps and update the Slack notifiers for your other apps, if you have more than one.

New installation

If you want to add a new Slack notifier, start the Slack app installation process by clicking the button below.

Install new Slack notifier

See our new Slack app landing page and documentation for more information on how to use the new Slack app.

Some backstory

Way back in 2014, when Slack was just starting, Slack created integrations for just about any app they found interesting. AppSignal was among many of these apps and we’ve continued using the Slack-made app over the years.

In August 2019, Slack sent out an email to all users of the AppSignal Slack app to let them know they were discontinuing these Slack-made Slack apps. They want us to control our own apps, and reduce the maintenance burden on their systems.

Since then, we’ve been hard at work to port our end of the app over to a new Slack app. And now here we are, with an all new Slack app for AppSignal. The app still works the same way; we send you all the notifications you care about, as always.

We asked Slack whether we could take over ownership so no migration would be needed, but unfortunately they don’t do that with any of the apps that they built themselves initially. Which is why this migration process is needed.

Let us know if you have any trouble migrating to our new Slack app or have any other questions about it!

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